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  • Fall issue of...IronButt Magazine

    The best part of today...going to the Post Office and receiving the Fall issue of...IronButt Magazine.

    To me, it is like eating the finest 3 course meal, prepared by the world's best chef.

    Course # 1....quickly peruse the entire magazine, cover to cover, to see what articles, pictures, and hot topics are included in this issue.

    Course # 2...take the time to read each article, pour over the few ads, carefully look at each and every picture, slowly absorb the contents of this fine magazine.

    Course # 3....keep it on the end table...next to your favorite chair, and spend the next couple months, while waiting for the Winter issue, just re-reading this Fall issue, gently consuming it like a fine dessert, memorizing each article, each photograph...until the next meal comes along 3 months later.

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    It is the only motorcycle magazine I still subscribe to. Well written and always packed full of information.
    2007 dark blue Navi
    Traxxion "Mega Monty"
    IBA 54656

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      Easily the best motorcycle magazine!!

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