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  • MC tire ?

    I have several MC tires, front and back, some on rims, what is the best way to store them in the garage, standing up or on their sides? The garage is unheated and the Boss said the tires are not coming into the house to stay warm.
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    I'm not a tire expert but if you can't sneak them in the house and hide them under the bed or something I would just make sure they were not in direct sunlight.
    I keep my RV tires covered with a UV cover and they seem to hold up pretty good.
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      Grandpa1 is correct. Keep them out of direct sunlight is the main thing.

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        I lay mine on their side on a piece of plywood. I've been told that laying them on concrete can promote dry rot and standing them up can cause a flat spot. I don't know if that's true or not but I do it that way just in case it is true.

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          Sunlight is not good and it is my understanding that concrete can leach the moisture out of the rubber after time. If you ever notice auto museums the tires are always on some type of pad to isolate the tire from the ground. I park my motor home on rubber pads and cover the tires to keep sun off of them and they hold up very nicely.
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            Interesting. I have a set in my little garage laying on their sides, on indoor/outdoor carpet. I notice that at Costco that have them stacked up on their sides, but they sell them so fast it probably does not matter. At my motorcycle dealer, they have them standing up but on a rack.
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              I have several spares, some on rims and ready to go. All are in plastic garbage bags to keep the elements off and the oxygen away. When I open a bag I get the new tire smell each time. This may be BS but it makes me feel good!

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