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  • An HID question

    With the popularity of HID headlight conversions on the 1800, has anyone used this same system to convert their car?

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    I did my low beams on my 2014 Kia Sorento. But they had a projector housing already in them, but I used the same kits to put in them and they are great, Ray

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      Thanks for the reply

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        Yes, I have used HID's in 4 cars, a truck, and 2 bikes.
        Results vary depending on the housings you're installing the bulbs in. Some buckets don't focus the light so aiming becomes a pain.
        Other buckets, like the jeweled style, almost make the light too intense and you have to lower the aim point quite a bit so as to not blind oncoming cars.

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          I put a set in my little work car, a Geo Prizm and they are great. I also put a set in my wife's Grand Am. They were terrible and just made too many "hot spots". That was a good reason for me to try the bolt in projectors. I bought a cheap set of bixenon projectors off eBay (so the one bulb is both high and low beam with the perfect cut off line). They went in really easy and provide perfect lighting.

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            The bolt-in (aka retrofit) is the way to go if you are after lighting performance and not just fashion. HID projectors from Lexus RL350 are about the best you can get in the OEM automotive world and they're small enough to successfully fit into a GW headlight housing. A place called TheRetroFitSource sells a complete kit with the RL350's, along with others. They also have an inhouse developed product called the Morimoto H1 and this would be one of the easiest retrofits of a complete HID system; the unit slides into the stock H7 bulb opening and is held in place with a locknut.

            IMO replacing the OEM halogen bulbs with a different technology (HID or LED) is not the best.
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