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    I'm looking for suggestions. I recently lost most of my vision in my right eye, so I've been looking to upgrade my mirrors on the Wing. Obviously, my main concern would be what I can't see on the right side, but whatever I do on the right, I'll do on the left also just for symmetry.

    I've been looking a those round 2" convex mirrors that you stick on the stock mirrors which are probably useful if you have two good eyes, but I think I need something more than that.

    Then there's a Blind Spot Mirror which you can mount either on top or hang underneath your stock mirrors. They are about 5" x 3". So far that's the best I can come up with.

    It occurred to me that since I don't have a cup holder mounted to the clutch/brake reservoir, I might be able to customize cruiser type handlebar mirrors to mount there, but I'm not sure how I would do it.

    There are some very creative, problem solvers on this forum. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks

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    There used to be someone that made a set of convex mirrors that mounted under the stock mirrors.
    They were not the usual round ones. These were flat on top to fit flush on the bottom of the Wings mirrors and did not look like a second thought add on.

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      I just did a search on one of the board sponsors sites and found the add on mirrors I was talking about.
      Here is the link.

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