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  • Thanks to Cruiseman and Cyclemax

    I would like to personally and publically thank Cruiseman and Cyclemax for their support of the Trike Owners Western Rally III held in Cedar City, UT last week.
    The rally was a huge success and the gifts given by these two sponsors to use at the dinner of the attendees were appreciated and more than pleasing to the recipients. We had some local sponsors as well but the big prizes came from Cyclemax and Cruiseman.
    I also got an email from JP Cycles with an offer of a prize as well but it was too late for the rally, so thanks to JP Cycle as well.
    Please support these members and suppliers as they support us as motorcycle riders.
    Kent Brown
    Western Rally III

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    That was a nice thing these folks hats off to them all...

    John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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