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  • It's been a while since...

    ...I rode at night.

    I am always amazed just how bright the stock high beams are when activated. Returning home from Kansas City last night, I had the fortune to hit the high beams and was awed how bright they are and how far the beam travels not only forward, but also off to the side. A divided 4-lane was well illuminated in the distance and sides. Nice to know I can see deer on the sides of the road.

    At one point, I pondered if an air traffic controller actually broadcast something similar to..."Attention low flying aircraft with the blinding light. State your height and intentions."

    - David
    - David

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    Certainly true of the pre-2012 Goldwings with the chrome headlight fixtures. When they blacked out the fixtures in 2012, it really cut down on the amount of light produced. I installed HIDs to compensate. Honda has all but done away with the chrome plastic on the Wing to save money, but one place they should have kept it was the headlight fixtures.
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      The best headlights of any vehicle I own.!
      Even better than the HID projectors on my wife's Miata.

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        Very true i also like the way my 2010 lights up the road at night hi beams are extremely bright. didn't know about them blacking out the headlight fixtures on the newer models but i see know need for HIDs.
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