New GoPro Method (for me anyway)

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  • New GoPro Method (for me anyway)

    On another forum I came across a thread on using a 2 Axis Gimbal stabilizer for a GoPro.

    I found this very interesting to the point that I dropped $200 for a 2 Axis Handheld GoPro Gimball Stabilizer.

    The Stabilizer will keep the camera parallel to the horizon, similar to the butt cams you see in MotoGP. For motorcycles, you need some point of reference in the frame to realize you are recording on a bike, otherwise the video will look like you are in a car.

    The Gimbal arrived late yesterday, love Amazon Prime, and I spent the evening charging the batteries.

    Monday and Tuesday, of next week, I have track days lined up at the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) in Austin, TX, so I thought this would be the perfect place to try this out.

    I already have a slew of RAM mounts and clamps, so here are a few pictures of the Gimbal mounted on my 1098. If it works out, I'll post up video when I get back. The clamp for Gimbal is a ManFrotto 386B Nano Clamp for 13-35mm tubing. It has tapped holes for various tripod mounts which are ideal for RAM ball mounts.

    My 1098 is sitting on a bike table with the front wheel clamped for these photos. When I get if off and can move the handlebars lock to lock, I may fine tune the position of the camera.

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    I have played around with a Go Pro knock off hard mounted to the windshield of my wing with so so results. I would be curious about the "stabilization" part of your description if that goes beyond just keeping it level to the horizon. What I find annoying in the video is the jarring when you hit bumps. I'm thinking about mounting to my helmet for this reason. I would be interested to see you results, even though a track is a lot smoother than the highways.
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      Very cool!
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        Can't wait to see some sample videos!

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          Looks Sweet

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            Man that does look cool...

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              Very nice!!

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                Anxiously awaiting the videos Chris.

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                  Great! Can't wait to see your video. To flyerq68- helmet mount smooths things out a lot

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                    Well the Gimbal did not work out, I think I ended up wit a defective unit so I sent it back today. It would not hold it's calibrated position, so it would flop around.

                    Here's a snippet of it partially working and then you see it go haywire.

                    Here's a bit of video without it
                    '08 Goldwing Lvl 3
                    '12 Aprilia Tuono V4 APRC
                    '08 KTM 300XCW
                    '07 Ducati 1098S

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