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  • Garmin 665LM Review

    Thought I would post a review here as not all are on the other GPS Related thread.
    I gave up on The 2014 GPS as it took me in the woods and around rotarys non stop too many times since I purchased the bike, I purchase a Garmin 665LM.

    I purchased The Garmin 665LM GPS with XM, Installed it and I really like it, I used 1/2 the mount less the U Bolt for handlebar and Mounted it to The Glove Box, Picked up a spare on EBay, The Wiring Harness is great wired it through glove box to the Power outlet under the left storage box , used a Battery Tender Female plug (one you mount to battery) wired to Aux wires under the Storage box, I purchased a Battery Tender Power Outlet, (has the male end) Cut off Cigarette lighter section and wired to the Garmin Harness. Mounted the XM Puck on the Dashboard center. Went for a ride using GPS where The Factory one would not recognize, the 665LM one had all the roads the Factory one would not find. (Or didn't have) The XM works so much better than the factory unless Im dead stopped under a tee it works, the Factory cut out constantly. Using it while moving is also a nice feature, keyboard entry via touch screen works very well. Loading MP3s and making Playlists on the (optional 8 GB Micro SD Card, I bought a High Speed as was recommended, 9,00 Amazon) Playing MP3s is easy and sounds good. Taking the GPS off is a press of a button, they give you a great case to put it in and it gets locked in saddlebag, takes less than 30 seconds. They give you a weather cap for when you remove the GPS from mount. Unit was very costly but I now have the Wing the way it should have came for all the money I paid. So far I recommend The Garmin 665LM. Updating Lifetime maps is a snap while plugging it into your PC. Will update more as I use it more.
    Tony C.
    2014 GL1800 Level 3 Black
    Why Black?
    Cause Everyone Knows the Black Ones Are Faster!

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    Nice write up on the 665LM. Your experience matches my own with this unit. One thing you might try adding to your's is a Glare Stomper sun visor. I have one on mine and it really helps. My wife and I really enjoy the XM radio, especially on longer trips.
    2002 GL1800A Darksider #1312
    Experience is the hardest teacher because she gives the test first,
    and the lesson afterward ~ Vernon Sanders Law

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      For safety sake you might want to rig up a tether to keep the Zumo on the bike in case the latch on the mount doesn't hold. I have a 660 Zumo and have had the latch on my mount let go when hitting a good size bump. Last thing you want to see is the very expensive GPS skidding down the highway and some 18 wheeler running over it. YMMV.

      Crabby Bob

      Retired and riding a Goldwing - Life is good!
      2001 Gl1800A - Illusion Red
      DS # 1258 - Double Darkside

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        I like mine really well. Especially using complicated custom routes. I was one of the lucky ones who got it for about half price when it was sold on the Garmin website with an incorrect price.

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