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  • Paint scratches and polishes

    Keeping the old girl clean is my job when not out riding with the Missus. Sadly the Missus has had some health challenges these past couple of years so we dont ride as often as we would like to. So now Im catching up on my job on cleaning her up good. I was wondering what everyone uses when cleaning up small scrapes and or scratches before waxing ? For me Ive been using Meguiars Crystal polish to polish out before waxing. Unfortunately the major complaint about Honda paint is its soft and scratches easily and I can attest to it. So any hints tips or advice for me any other members would be gladly appreciated.

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    I have a 2012 black wing. I have tried Meguiars, nu-finish, turtle wax (carnuba), and others. Nothing works well or easily. I have found the best results with using a Meguiars polish then waxing. Use a wet microfiber cloths to apply and remove the polish and a wet one for applying the wax with a dry one for polishing off the wax.

    This still only provides a passable shine, nothing like a deep luster you'd expect from the effort expended. (Be careful not to get wax on the flat black parts, it will glaze up white. If you do, back to black works to remove/cover the wax.)

    I had always planning on painting the wing but I am still astonished as how bad the black paint is.
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      I used to always buy black vehicles. They look great when clean and new, but the scratches and swirls are a constant battle. I never did find a real solution but a good coat of quality wax does help.

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        Honda Spray Cleaner& Polish works for me and I have owned 3 black Goldwings, including the current 2014.
        2014 Black Goldwing Level 3

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          I bought a dual action polisher (Meguiars) that fits on the end of a drill. Using the polishing compound and then following up with Meguiars NXT it looks pretty good.
          2013 Black F6B

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            Once you have the bike looking the way you want it to again, you might want to try Liquid Glass. I believe it may help a bit to protect from further scratches.
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              I also am a believer in liquid glass. Just used it yesterday for the 1st time on my 2012 black gl1800. I helped a lot with the swirls and scuffs. Not perfect but much better than anything else I have used.
              Gary Loos from Ohio

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                I can make mine shine if I want to, if you have a black bike Turtle wax Black detailer works great, it helps fill in the scratches and hide them as it has a black color agent in it. Then wax it again with Mcquires (however you spell that) and it will shine for an hour or two.

                I am coming to the conclusion to just wash it and call it good. It will just be dirty again by end of the next day.

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                  I thought all the Gold Wing owners knew about this

                  It's the only thing you need.

                  Give it a try - you'll never use wax again it's so easy.
                  Works on headlights,windshield, plastic, metal, chrome, fake chrome, etc. basically the entire bike.

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                    I recently tried the Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit. It comes with two clay bars, detailer spray, and a microfiber towel. It was just shy of $20. The bars are supposedly reuseable, but I wouldn't do it (maybe my bike was just still really dirty, even though I washed it first). However, I tore the bar in half, and put the other half back in the plastic. Since I'll get 4 good cleanings out of it, I figure it was worth the $20.
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