What motorcycles have you owned in the past?

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  • What motorcycles have you owned in the past?

    Here are mine:
    • 1969 Honda CT 70
    • 1970 Suzuki TS 50
    • 1971 Suzuki TS 125
    • 1972 Honda CT 70
    • 1975 Honda CL 360 Scrambler
    • 1976 Suzuki GT 550
    • 2005 Harley 1200C Sportster
    • 2005 Honda GL1800 Level 1
    • 2007 Honda GL1800 Level 3
    • 2010 Kawasaki Versys 650
    • 2012 Honda GL1800 Level 3


    My restored 1972 CT 70 (now sits in my office) Click image for larger version

Name:	1972CT70.jpg
Views:	133
Size:	233.1 KB
ID:	16647
    (and yes, I did mount the taillight upside down!)

    My restored 1975 CL 360 (sold) Click image for larger version

Name:	1975CL360.jpg
Views:	137
Size:	171.4 KB
ID:	16649

    My 2010 Versys (sold) Click image for larger version

Name:	2010Versys.jpg
Views:	145
Size:	181.4 KB
ID:	16651

    My first Goldwing, a 2005 Level 1 Click image for larger version

Name:	2005Wing.jpg
Views:	146
Size:	165.1 KB
ID:	16652

    My second Wing, 2007 Level 3 Click image for larger version

Name:	2007Wing.jpg
Views:	144
Size:	174.1 KB
ID:	16650

    My 2012 on the showroom floor Click image for larger version

Name:	2012Wing.jpg
Views:	139
Size:	138.5 KB
ID:	16653
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    76 Kawasaki KH400
    81 Kawasaki 440LTD
    87 Kawasaki KZ1000 Police Special
    2004 Honda Spirit 1100
    2003 Honda GL1800A
    2008 Honda GL1800P
    2008 Red GW1800 -- NRA Life Member - American Legion PUFL, American Legion Riders
    USMC 21 YRS/9 MO and when dead, a dead Marine.
    US Four Corner Ride https://clayusmcret.blogspot.com/
    2014 Mid-States Ride https://mid-states.blogspot.com/
    2015 NC to UT/NV Ride https://2015nvride.blogspot.com/

    50th State ridden on 19 Aug, 2016 DS #1584

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      1979 Yamaha SF 400
      1979 Yamaha SF 750
      1982 BMW R65LS
      1992 BMW R850R
      1996 Yamaha Royal Star
      1999 Victory 92C
      2002 Victory TC
      2004 Victory KP
      2008 BMW R1200GS
      2008 Honda GW CSC Trike
      2014 Can AM RTS SE6

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      • #4
        1982 Yamaha Seca 750
        1999 BMW R1100RT
        2006 Harley VRSCR (Street Rod)
        2009 BMW K1300GT
        2010 Honda Goldwing
        2002 Honda Reflex 250

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        • #5
          Kawasaki 440LTD, don't remember the year
          Kawasaki, but don't remember the model/year
          Goldwing, 2005 Dark Gray
          Goldwing, 2009 Silver
          [B]...on a (Gold)wing and a prayer...[/B]
          [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=13px]'05 Dark Gray Metalic (Non-ABS) - SOLD[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
          [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=13px]'09 Silver (NAV/Comfort)[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]


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            This is tricky. 1967 Yamaha 100 I think, 1971 Kawasaki 125 enduro, 1968 Triumph Tiger 650, 1970 Honda CB750F, 1978 Harley Davidson Electra Glide 75th Anniversary Special, 1992 Harley Davidson Low Rider, 2002 Harley Davidson Road King Fire Fighter Special and now my 2012 Goldwing. This does not take into account the many dirt bikes I have owned over the years and I still have my 530KTM dual sports bike. I still own and ride my Road King by the way.
            Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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              I've only owned Hondas because I was told, "You meet the nicest people on a Honda".

              (2) Honda CB350, both stolen
              Honda CB500T
              Honda CB750
              Honda ST1100
              Honda GL1800 - present
              Honda CB1000 - present
              "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials." (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

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              • #8
                A black 1981 Yamaha XS 11 Special purchased brand new in 1982. Then family happened for the next coupla decades until about 2 years ago when be purchased our beautiful white 2012 Wing.
                Ron - Montrose, CO
                2018 Pearl White GL1800 DCT
                2012 Pearl White GL1800 Level 1 - Sold @ 63K miles
                I don't ride to make great time; I ride to have a great time!

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                • #9
                  1947 whizzer (if that counts)

                  1974 Honda CB 450
                  1978 GL 1000
                  1994 Harley Ultra Classic
                  2005 Harley Ultra Classic
                  2009 Harley Ultra Classic
                  2010 GL 1800

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                  • popsclawson
                    popsclawson commented
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                    Sure. How many kids growing up in the 50's started on something like that. How many motorcycles started out as a bike with a motor thrown in it. Qualifies as much as a CT 70 mini bike. :-)

                  • Cruiseman
                    Cruiseman commented
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                    No disrespect intended. I think Whizzers are super cool. You just never hear about them anymore. I would love to have one to restore.

                  • popsclawson
                    popsclawson commented
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                    No disrespect was taken, that's why the smiley faced was at the end. :-) I think I had more fun on that Whizzer than any of the motorcycles I've owned. I would love to have it again. Gave it to my little brother when I got old enough to drive and he let it get stolen. Not really his fault but he was in charge of it at the time. ;-) Sorry but I couldn't resist the mini bike remark. When I grew up everyone was making their own minibikes or go carts to play around on. No Hondas back then.

                • #10
                  My introduction to the two wheeled world was a Honda Mini Trail 50.

                  Rode that for 2 years, then graduated to a Honda XL-70.

                  2 years later, (1975) got a new Honda CB-125. Should have bought another dirt bike, but I was stubborn. Rode that bike EVERYWHERE...dirt, fields, dirt roads, paved roads.....everywhere. No license of any kind, but I lived in a semi rural area, and it was a different era back then. Rode that bike until I turned 18.

                  Next bike was a Honda CB-650 custom. Kept it one year (while stationed at Ft. RIley) and then sold it before moving to Germany.

                  That was followed by a Honda CX-500 Custom. Got it from another servicemember who was returning to the states in just a few days, and needed a quick sale. Paid him $100.00 for it....rode that bike for 2 years, and sold it to my supervisor for $400 or so. Used the money from that sale to make a downpayment on a brand new 1988 Kawasaki Ninja 600R. Rode it for 2 months in Germany before I returned stateside...I then put close to 70k on that bike in the next two years. Shipped it back to Germany when I went back overseas in 1990...kept it another three, and then sold it.

                  Went bikeless for 12 years after that. Children (and the corresponding lack of money) kept me off of two wheels, until 2005.

                  I then bought a 1993 HD FLHS (precursor to the Road King). One year and 20,000 miles later, I traded it on a

                  2002 HD Ultra Classic. Kept that one for three yeas and 30,000 miles or so......

                  Traded IT in on a New 2010 HD Ultra Classic...kept that one for just over two years...put 17,000 on it, and THEN.....

                  Trade it in on a new 2012 Wing.

                  Two years later I still have the wing......30,000 miles so far, and I have No Intention of trading any time soon.

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                  • #11
                    My first two wheeler was a 1949 Cushman scooter ( not a motorcycle ) but it got me to school & to my after school job.
                    1960 Zundapp 250cc
                    1964 Suzuki 400cc
                    1975 Honda 750cc
                    1976 Honda GL1000
                    1995 Honda GL1500
                    2002 Honda GL1800
                    2008 Honda GL1800

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                    • #12
                      I've owned many bikes, but unfortunately no one told me I needed to keep track. How about "Lots" Mostly Suzukis and Hondas. Same thing about mileage... I just rode the crap out of them. In those days there was no internet and no one asking such questions.
                      2007 Crucible Orange Metallic
                      2009 Kawasaki Red Concours 14
                      AMA Life Member 0672853
                      IBA Member 8846 Premier
                      NRA Life Member

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                      • #13
                        Whew...now you are asking us to think back, and try to remember all those bikes.

                        1965 Yamaha 60cc Campus
                        1974 Norton 850 Commando
                        1977 Trumph Silver Jubilee...# 844 of 1000
                        1978 Triumph T140E
                        1981 Honda GL1100
                        1982 Yamaha XT 500
                        1982 Harley-Davidson FLHS
                        1985 Harley-Davidson FLHT-P
                        1985 Harley-Davidson FLHT-C
                        1989 Harley-Davidson FLHT-CU (Injected by Billy Budd)
                        1991 Honda ST1100
                        1994 Honda GL1500/RR... (nitrous injected, stage 2 kit) (first bike in the IBA to ever do more than 2000 miles in under 24 hours)
                        1996 Honda ST1100
                        1996 Honda ST1100 ABS
                        1997 BMW R1100RT
                        2000 Honda GL1500 SE
                        2002 Honda Varadero 1000 (European model)
                        2003 Honda GL1800 ABS (over 107,000 miles in one year)
                        2004 Honda GL1800 ABS (over 80,000 miles in 6 months)
                        2004 Honda Africa Twin 750 (European model)
                        2005 BMW R1200GS
                        2006 Yamaha Royal Star Midnight Tour Deluxe
                        2006 Honda GL1800
                        2006 Yamaha Royal Star Midnight Tour Deluxe (again)
                        1982 Honda GL500 Interstate
                        1989 Honda Transalp
                        2004 Suzuki Burgman 650/ST
                        1974 Norton 850 Commando (Combat)
                        2012 Yamaha Super Tenere'
                        1947 Ariel Square Four
                        1954 Vincent Black Shadow
                        2013 Honda F6B/RR (lightning strike survivor)
                        2005 Honda Helix 250...(matches wife's Honda Helix...sequential VIN #s...bought 7 years apart) (800507...&...800508)

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                        • 1096dad
                          1096dad commented
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                          OK, not only do we have a winner for most bikes owned, but we have also identified someone who seems to have either commitment issues or a serious addiction!! LOL! Nice list.

                        • rufus15
                          rufus15 commented
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                          Good God how old are you?

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                        Honda vt750, Honda vtx1800, Honda vt1300, and my current F6B.
                        2013 Black F6B

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                        • #15
                          1977 HONDA CB400F
                          1980 Yamaha TT500
                          1986 Honda GL1500 Aspencade (replaced CB400F)
                          1991 Honda PC800 (bought in 2006 as a commuter bike in Atlanta)
                          1986 HD Fatboy (replaced Aspencade)
                          1996 HD Softail (replaced Fatboy)
                          2005 HD Ultra Classic (replaced Softail)
                          2008 HD V-Rod (Replaced Ultra)
                          HD V-Rod total loss 2010 when car hit me. Last HD I plan to own.
                          1993 Yamaha Venture Royal (replaced PC800 when HD totaled)
                          1998 Honda GL1500 Aspencade. Upgrade of Venture with new wife.
                          2008 GL1800 (replaced GL1500 after total loss from rear tire failure.
                          Mike n Rhonda
                          08 Level 3 Pearl White
                          98 Aspencade - RIP
                          Support our troops
                          Daughter - USCG; Son - USMC; Son-in-Law - US Army
                          Working to make the weekends happen.

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                          • #16
                            1961 Mustang Throughbred
                            1962 Mustang Bronco
                            1969 Honda 150
                            1977 Honda 750
                            1975 Kawaski 900
                            1978 Suzuki GS 1100
                            1989 Harley Sportster 883
                            1993 Harley FXDWG Anniversary Edition, 90
                            1995 Harley Softail Heritage
                            1996 Harley Dyna Superglide
                            1995 Honda Goldwing Aspencade
                            1995 Honda Goldwing Aspencade Motortrike
                            2002 Honda Goldwing 1800 Motortrike

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                            • #17
                              Suzuki Titan 500 (late '60s if I recall correctly)
                              '77 Yamaha 650 (the standard version, not the special)
                              '81 Suzuki 1100 (ugly and fast)
                              '88 FLST
                              '95 Ducati 916
                              '06 FLHX
                              '09 Buell 1125R
                              '13 F6B

                              Learned my lesson starting with the FLST....never sell ANY of the girls!!

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                              • #18
                                1975 CL360
                                1982 VF750S
                                1986 GL1200 SEi
                                1996 GL1500SE
                                2004 GL1800
                                2012 GL1800

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                                • #19
                                  1973 Honda CB 350
                                  1981 Kawasaki 440 LTD
                                  1986 Kawasaki 550 LTD
                                  2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 750
                                  2008 Kawasaki VN 900 LT
                                  2010 Kawasaki Nomad
                                  2013 - Level 3 Goldwing

                                  Bikes I rode regularly but did not own:
                                  Honda 70 in the '70's
                                  1978 Honda 750k
                                  Suzuki 250 road and trail- year?

                                  Plus numerous mini bikes and dirt bikes

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                                  • #20
                                    Started riding a Sears moped back in the 60s.
                                    Then I had...
                                    1970 or so Honda 305 Dream
                                    1972 Honda CB350
                                    1974 Yamaha RD400
                                    Off for many years, then
                                    1988 GL1500
                                    1999 G:1500 Aspencade

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