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    Went and got my 17th Belt Buckle from the SCMA Three Flags Classic, on Labour Day Weekend
    Left Kamloops.Aug 22 with a friend headed for Tucson Arizona.
    Finished day one, Yakima Wa.
    Day 2 went to Canby, Oregon and picked up 3rd rider, 88 years old on an St1100.
    Oh, me, now I ride a 2012 Ultra Limited
    2nd guy was on a 1983 Goldwing Interstate.
    day 3 Susanville Ca,
    day 4 Beatty, Nevada
    day 4 Parker Arizona.
    Day 5 Tucson

    Day 6 Tucson to Nogales to kiss the fence.
    SCMA can't currently get insurance, for the group to start in Mexico, I think?

    Left Tucson for Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada at 3 am, Friday Aug 29th.
    First checkpoint at Torrey, Utah.
    Signed in there at 4:11 pm that day, 667 miles from start .
    Spent that nite in Huntingdon, Utah,
    rode about 1300kms that day.

    Day two
    2nd checkpoint at Twin Falls, Idaho about 615 miles from Check point two
    Spent that nite in Boise Idaho, did about 1000kms that day.

    day 3
    Signed in at Checkpoint 2 in Walla Walla, Wa, at, 2:47 pm, about 551miles from check 2
    Spent that nite in Moses lake, Wa.
    rode about 900kms that day

    Day 4
    Signed in at Finish about 530 miles from check 3, at 2;11pm, and got 17th Buckle

    All told from home to home did about 7900 hundred k in 12days, didn't move for a couple of days.

    Only trouble with the Ultra was the gas tank kept going empty about every 350kms, or slitely over two hundred miles.
    Didn't even burnt out a headlite bulb.


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    Nice, concise trip report...

    I was not able to check out the start, but I really wanted to (work & things got in the way...)

    Roughly 2400 miles from start to finish in three days...not a bad weekend of riding.

    ...but, like you, it's that getting home part that'll really put the miles on - congratulations!
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      Good write up. Thanks!
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        Sounds like a nice ride, and that it went for you! Congrats on the accomplishment!
        """""""Darksider #10 It's been said by many people, that I am still only 16 years old inside my head!! LOL!!
        I have never thrown a leg over any make or model of motorcycle and had nothing but a good time!!"""""""

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          That sounded like a great ride.
          It was nice here today so we took a 255 mile ride down to Madison and back
          T.A. Jens
          The Pizza Man
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          2006 Breeze Cargo Trailer
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            Are you sure? I didn't see you in Yakima the evening of the 22nd !? Sounds like fun! Wish this work thing didn't interfere with my Rollin down the highway.

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              Got in about 6pm
              Spent the nite at what used to be Motel Six

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                Yeah, that Plaque we got for the 3 Flags ride was impressive and HEAVY. Wish i could have stayed for the final banquet at Harrison hot springs .. But issues at home required i pouint it East as soon as i got certified on Monaday Noon. That 3100 miles home thru that crazy ass weather around great lakes was just a tad bit more intimidating then the sand storm during the 3 flags ride.

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                  Where in the heck did you run into a sand storm during the Three Flags ride? Oh...maybe it was well behind Lyle and I...which is where your slow butt would have been. We saw no sand storms anywhere around us. But we were # 1 & # 2 into checkpoint 1 in Torrey, UT. And spent the night in Nephi, UT, which is where Lyle fractured his hip. The next 36 hours saw me riding 2200 miles in that time, to transport his bike back to the Reno area, bring his wife and her Jeep Cherokee back to Utah to retrieve Lyle, then pick up my bike and continue the Three Flags ride...straight on to Twin Falls...arriving at 6:00 am when they opened the checkpoint...straight on to Walla Walla at 11:25 am, and then straight on to my house around Olympia, WA. for a 30 minute Hot Tub...good nights sleep, and the on to Harrison Hot Springs the next morning.

                  You should have stuck around for the banquet. I think you just high-tailed it out of there because you did not want to have to stand up at the banquet to acknowledge being a first year rider on the Three Flags Classic. You would have been in good company, as I think there were like...65 new riders this year.

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                    Explanation for departure in PM sir

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