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    I just rode this fantastic road for the first time yesterday . What can I say but this is one Great Rd. Does this road have a Nickname like the others in the area ie: Tail of Dragon (129) , Moonshiners (28). If it doesn't it should. Just another NC road to remember.

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    There are lots of great roads in that part of the country. A few years back I was at a horse show in Chattanooga and needed to make a trip to Nashville so I entered my destination into my substandard OEM GPS and told it to avoid highways. That was several hours of some of the coolest roads Ive been on in years! Apparently the engineers that design roads in that part of the world do not own straight edges!

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      When I first moved to TN ,16 years ago I was told the sign painter was a drunk and made up all the signs. Since they didn't have the budget to re paint the signs they just made the roads to match the signs. Sounded plausible to me as Moonshine is still strongly used, but for medicinal purposes only of course.

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        If you're still in the area take the Junaluska road from wayah road over to Andrews. We liked that road also.

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          We've been across that one several times, stitching various routes into a circle. Great ride!
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            Another good road in that vicinity is the Rattler hyw. 209 from Waynesville to Hot Springs

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              This is what happens when a footpath thru the forest gets cleaned up a bit - over the centuries.

              Imagine some of those roads in Europe...maybe existing for 1000 years or more.

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                I visit my friends in SC and NC and TN every few years and have ridden most of the roads in the area. The names do catch your eye so much so that last year I stopped to take a picture of the WarWomen Rd. sign. It was blog worthy.

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                  Re-reading my post, AR and MO have some great roads too! And now I have to add NM ....................they all do!!!

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                  I *do* want to return to TN/NC and feel good enough to enjoy some of those roads.

                  Last time there, I felt miserable and wanted to head for home. That was another three days of highway misery.
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                Wayah Road (SR 1310) - The locals call it Thunder Road.

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                  Many great roads in the area !! I spend a week in Maggie Valley each year doing day rides from there.. always enjoy....

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                    I have never been in that area before but I would love to give it a visit. Not too many good roads here in Arizona but there were plenty of great roads in Northern California. You could ride the twisties until your arms hurt.
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