What are the 10 Best Bikes for 2014?

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  • What are the 10 Best Bikes for 2014?

    I found this on Yahoo:

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    I think every major cycle magazine publishes their own list. I know Cycle Worlds is in the September issue. Of course I would expect Rider's list to be different from Cycle World and so forth based on the objectives and opinions of the individual magazines. The lists are fun to read and sometimes you wonder if they read what they write.
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      When I see those, I look at them just for the sake of curiosity. If I don't see my bike of choice on the list, I just write it of as a "They got it wrong, again" issue :D
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        A lot of BMW's.
        BMW's are nice bikes, but their required maintenance & cost of maintaining takes them off the list in my book. And
        In many states it's hard to find a BMW dealer who is close by.

        I'm partial to the new Indians, I think they've done a fantastic job with the new bikes. Great to see.

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          Originally posted by Road Seeker
          Interesting list every year for the "best" I like to think the current bike you have at the time is the best for you.

          The bikes on the list are what they are, without starting brand bashing and purely my experiences, the new Indian I rode and was shocked when the entire instrument cluster died twice while riding and BMW burnt me along time ago with a clutch failure at 30,000kms due to oil seeping through issue that they would not warrant, so 3,500 for them to fix or $500 for new clutch which i did myself.

          I almost gave BMW another chance last year when i was looking at the R1200GSA but much to my disgust both fork seals were leaking on a brand new bike on the showroom floor, sure they would fix it prior to delivery but the care factor was not there, shame really as they can be great bikes.

          Each to their own, and i do admire some enhancements to make bikes better, safer etc, the lists are good to peruse :-)
          I got sick of reading some years back about all the riders that owned, or at one time, own a BMW bikes and hearing all the bad things about them.
          Clutch failures, $500.00 maintenance visits from BMW wrenches, riding 100 miles to the nearest dealership.

          So I e-mailed the two closest BMW dealerships about the above concerns on their touring bikes.
          Both dealerships wrote me back and had all kinds of excuses about how all these is not true about their cycles their selling.
          Both invited me over for a test ride and to discuss my concerns on BMW bikes.
          Hmmm Maybe I should of went.

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