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  • Kudos to EdSets

    Purchased two adapters that allow personal earbuds to be plugged in. I first contacted the company with my questions and received an immediate response. Ordered the two adapters for our upcoming 2 week trip and during the trip I broke one through my on fault. I sent pics of the damage to EdSets to see if it could be repaired or if not I would just replace it. I received yet another immediate response indicating communication within the employees to have another sent out to. Yes, I was surprised as I broke the product, it wasn't defective and so I never expected for them to just offer the replacement at no charge. In fact, it is waiting at my home and I have yet to get home from the trip. Much appreciation and I'll make sure others know that EdSets go far and beyond to help the motorcycling community.

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    I have had similar experiences with EdSets.
    They obviously care about customer satisfaction.

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      I had the same level of excellent customer service. And I love the adapter!! I took a Nolan that has a bad headset and have been using it with my earbuds.
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