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  • J&M vs. Edsets

    Seems as though every time we ride my wife's J&M system goes out...sometimes it is the audio, other its the mic and sometimes it is both. Wondering what everyone thinks about the Edsets compared to J&M. We currently have the Elite model but it's getting a little old and perhaps long in the tooth. I have never experienced the level of problems that my wife has had...tired of stopping multiple times per day to fiddle with the wires and connections. So which is better? At this point interested in switching and not at all interested in Bluetooth technology for my helmet.

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    I'm interested to see what advice you are given. The same issue has started happening with my wife's headset, where sometimes I can't hear a thing she's saying and no, it's not selective hearing on my part.
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      I used J&M Elite headsets in my Nolan Modular helmets. and like them a lot as far as sound quality goes,
      My only problems were their lower cords didn't hold up well and the plastic piece that attached to the side of the helmets kept breaking.
      Both issues were handled well by J&M, but the cord issue was pretty annoying. I would have one or sometimes two cords fail every year. Sometimes I would lose an audio channel. others times it would be the mic. Yes J&M would take care of it, but then there was down time waiting for the new cord.

      When I replaced the Nolans with Shoe helmets, I switched the EdSets. The sound quality is as good or better than J&M, but the real advantage is that I have yet to have any cord issues in over two years.

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        I am trying this set up after someone on this board told me about them. I will give the set a good test in a couple weeks but for now it seems like a pretty good set up and the price is great.

        IMC Motorcom is a German manufacturer, we distribute and sell motorcycle helmets headsets for touring motorcycles. Such as Harley Ultra Classic and Honda Goldwing.
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          I have both, one helmet with J&M and one with EdSets. I prefer the EdSets for overall sound quality and durability. I use noise cancelling earbuds connected to the EdSets for a better sound at interstate speeds. I usually wear a FF Helmet but I leave the shield up so I get lots of wind noise at 75 mph. The earbuds are my choice for that situation. Hope this helps.
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            We have the J&M headset with 2 piece cords in HJC full face helmets. We like them except for one thing, the connection between the 2 piece cords causes problems after a few years of plugging in and out. We are on our 2nd set. I'm going to order a new set for each helmet next spring as our riding season is almost over.
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              I want some over the ear noise canceling headsets that actually sound good. If I had the cash to toss around, I'd get a pair of sony or beats and splice them into my helmet. Has anyone tried that?
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              Having used both brands, currently Edsets, there is no comparison. Edsets are much superior in both sound and quality.

              Some other things unique to Edsets is the ability to place the boom mic where it suits you and out of the way, and the speakers do fit the new helmets without modification and chopping on the helmet.

              The speaker wires etc are just a bit more robust also and tend to stand up to use a whole lot better.

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                I've used both and currently use Edsets and like the quality and sound better

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