Garmin Zumo 350LM $389.99

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  • Garmin Zumo 350LM $389.99

    Found what I think is a pretty good deal on a Zumo 350. For anyone else who would like to partake, here ya go.

    Ron - Montrose, CO
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    Refurbished but still a pretty good price for this unit.
    Jim Jackson, Smiths Station, AL
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      I read somewhere that there was an issue with the MFG warrantee on some refurb units. It would be worth getting something in writing and calling Garmin as soon as you register it to ensure that it is warranted.
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        Here is the info from the site: "These units are therefore as good as new, but since they have been in the field, cannot be sold as new. Garmin then offers them to their dealers at a discounted price and offers a full one year warranty, just as they do on new systems. These systems are not new, but are as good as new."

        Sound like a good deal to me

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          RE the warranty on a refurb - my 650 quit working, and Garmin replaced it under warranty.
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