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  • Beaded seat covers

    I would like to hear pro's and con's on Beaded seat covers from those that have actually used them. Also between wood versus ceramic beads. Thanks in advance

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    Have not tried them yet! I have the airhawkR on my CTX BUT a lot of people at the # Flags rally had the beeded seats and swear by them in the hotter climates

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      i had cheap wood from walfarts and cut them down . have black ones now. not sure if ceramic- got used - keep your butt up out of water/rain - here in florida keeps the air moving on the boys i've tried gel pad/ walfarts cushion like beads much better. mine on stock seat.2008 seat on my 2005 . trick is to move your butt just a smidge once in awhile . walmarts was for car seat and i cut it down . have utopia backrest so ran it up on it too. really helps keeping back dry also. borrow some from somebody to try.

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        I have some from Walmart also. They keep you dry and cool, but now have an AirhawkR and so far am pleased with it more. Haven't a chance for a long ride in a bit but will pack the beaded cover just in case. I agree borrow some and try them, more comfortable then they look. YMMV.

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          I have the wooden beads and I use them when it is hot as they do keep some air moving down around there. However, after a couple of hours my skinny butt starts to feel the beads and then I switch around to my Airhawk which is also good at keeping things airy and dry. If I had to chose between the 2, I would go with the Airhawk. I also have sheepskins, my wife likes this set up but I do not use the sheep too much. Maybe I should try the sheep on the beads sometime.
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            I made great fun of my friend and riding mentor many years ago when he had one on his bike. He would get the full seat cover from Wal Mart/Auto Zone/Whatever, and cut it down in to two bike seat size covers. So, of course, the taxi driver jokes were flying.

            It was summer, and he took it off his bike and tossed it over to me and said, "Here. Ride the next couple hundred miles with it and then talk to me."

            Not being one to back down, I accepted his offer.

            I made my own that night and have not ridden without it since. Not only does it get some air down there to keep things dry, it eliminates the pressure points that start to hurt after a while. I just ordered the ceramic Bead Riders, because the last one I made for myself is starting to disintegrate and I want one that will last.

            Over the years, I have always bought the full size car seat cover and took it home and made two bike seat covers out of it and carried the spare with me for that group ride when somebody starts to razz me about mine. Then I take out the spare and offer it to them to try. If they like it, it's theirs, with the caveat that they make their own at some point and repeat the process, paying it forward,

            I've only gotten one back in ten years.

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              I keep the ceramic Bead Riders on about 9 months of the year. I only take them off when the morning temps get below 60 degrees or so. Way too much air flow for cold weather riding.
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                I ride with them all the time until it gets down into the 40's.
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                  I bought the cheaper motorcycle wooden beads ,they help a lot. could not find any at Wallyworld or auto stores.

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                    I use the beaded seat that I got from Walmart and cut down to size. Use them all the warm/hot months then go back to the heated seat in the cooler months. They work great, gets some air in the vital area and keeps you up out of the puddle when riding in the rain. Have used them for 1000 mile days with very little discomfort.

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                      I use a Bead Rider, I love it! Been across the country several times on mine and I think it makes all the diffence in the world.

                      Pro's: Airflow is great. You can't break it down (crush it flat) like some of the other pads. Lets rain flow through so you aren't sitting in a puddle. Removes quickly so you can put it in your saddlebag when not using it. They are durable. No swamp ass!

                      Con's: The look of it. Can be slippery when you are hard on the brakes or while wearing rain gear.

                      All that being said I wouldn't take a distance trip without mine. I bought their Ultimate beaded cover with the ceramic composite beads two years ago since I liked mine so much. Hope that helps.

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                        I too use the cheap wooden beads from WALMART ..... I use the full length up and over the UTOPIA back rest. There is enough length in the seat cover (beads) to use a double layer for the back rest when it's really warm. I use an elastic bungee thing to hold the top in place and that works great. Makes for a bunch more airflow and much cooler. For me, the back rest is the warmest spot. With out the beads the sweat will just roll down my backside .

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                          i have the wood beads wingstuff sells on the bike right now. Did a little less than 400 miles this past Saturday. They did allow me to stay a little dryer and be able to slide in the seat easier to adjust myself. Downside is that still after 100 miles I am suffering from the case of num-a$$. I am thinking of trying the WingSoft adjustment or going ahead and get the full Ultimate seat.

                          I thought about getting another Corbin, but I don't know how the Corbin was built on my 03 since it was on the bike when I bought it.

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                            I have never tried beads, but I have folded a towel to sit on on sweaty butt days. It seems to help.

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                              Originally posted by hyperrcng View Post
                              I am thinking of trying the WingSoft adjustment or going ahead and get the full Ultimate seat.
                              I spent $1600 on a full Ultimate King seat and I still use my BeadRider ceramic beads. It really helps get the air under your butt and keeps you dry on the hot days.

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                                I think all of you would like the Airhawk R cushion. Inflated properly it is great and keeps things dry down there. A lot less $ than a new seat.
                                Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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