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  • Lower Cowl Install

    2014 GL , on the Upper right and left sides there are two sizes of screw. Which hole does the long screw go to?
    I got the cowl back on but it doesn't fit up right!

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    It has been a while but if I recall correctly, one of the holes goest through two plastic parts and its screw has a longer shoulder.
    If I remember correctly.

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      Long one goes to the inner portion of the cowl if memory serves.
      Ron - Montrose, CO
      2018 Pearl White GL1800 DCT
      2012 Pearl White GL1800 Level 1 - Sold @ 63K miles
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        Originally posted by jmohme View Post
        It has been a while but if I recall correctly, one of the holes goest through two plastic parts and its screw has a longer shoulder.
        If I remember correctly.
        I believe this is correct. The longer screws will go in the top right, and top left if I'm reading the manual correctly. Basically, they have a longer shoulder because they go through two pieces of plastic.
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        2012 RED GL1800

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          Thanks guys! I got pictures from a friend who has the Honda lites and he has the darn gap too!!!

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            When reinstalling the lower cowl does the two upper left and right tabs go inbetween the the two pieces or behind both of them?
            2013 Black F6B

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              Here is the gap that is bugging the heck out of me!
              It doesnt seem to be touching the brackets! Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0220 copy.jpg
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                That might be a bit excessive, but it is normal where the cowl meets the valve covers to have a gap. Just what it is.

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