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  • 2010 goldwing display

    is anyone haveing a problem with the disply screen sometimes when i start the engine the displa turns black unt

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    I had that happen a couple of times on my 2007. Not sure, but it may be a warning sign for a bad battery, but I cannot confirm this.
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      I agree with the battery. A friend had this happen while we were installing lights and drained his battery. The screen would be black and stay black after the bike started. turning off the engine and restarting didn't solve it so we plugged in a tender and after an hour or so we checked it and the display worked fine.

      On a side note, I've personally seen the following symptoms of a battery that was going bad but still had enough power o start the bike:
      Cruise control wouldn't work
      CB would get stuck in transmit so I couldn't hear anything. I also wasn't transmitting even though it said it was. I also couldn't change the CB channel.
      -Sometimes the CB would work for a few minutes, then it would freeze and stop working. Sometimes I could hear people but then the reception would go away.
      The more obvious no start symptom, which would usually fix itself if I turned the key to off then back on.

      So I've come to the conclusion that if I have a weird problem with anything electrical I start to suspect the battery. Just because it has enough amperage to start the bike doesn't mean its got the juice to let all the electronics go through their start-up and if they can't get through their start-up they won't always work as advertised. Now I have a battery bug on the bike but they don't sell them anymore unless you find them on ebay or something like that.
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        I have heard that battery theory before. Mine has had that problem occasionally since day one. The battery finally gave up recently, but I have not had any time to ride, so I don't know yet if that fixed it or not.

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          Nice tips on the intermittent operation tied to a battery. This last winter I would ride the bike to work as log as there was not snow on the ground and on some cold days I had problems keying the mic for the CB. There were other intermittent symptoms so maybe will have to check into battery being weak in the colder weather.
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