Well, I did it...😳

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  • Well, I did it...😳

    I’ve been shopping around for a second bike for months, I finally bit the bullet and bought a bike I’ve wanted for years, 2019 GS 1250 Adventure. Yeah I know this is a Honda forum but cut me some slack. I put a deposit down on this beauty today. It should be here in about three weeks, can’t wait!

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    If you like adventure riding, you'll enjoy that bike. I bought one just to ride to AK and it was a fine bike for that trip, however when I returned I sold it right away and bought a much smaller adventure bike.

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      That’s a real nice bike..... looks like you could have some fun, albeit not goldwing fun, but fun...just the same, but different..

      "2018 Turd Brown Metallic sissy shifter"

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        Nice bike! Safe riding!!
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          This past July I met a guy who was circumventing the U.S. He was ride one these, he had it loaded down. Me, being a motorcycle enthusiast, I had to talk with him about his bike. He said it was very comfortable, nothing but good things to say about it. He started out in Florida and I met him along the Oregon coast at Humbug Mt. State Park, he was headed to Washington then across the northern tier of the U.S.
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            Congrats on the new bike. You know now,that the farkle faze starts to make it your own.

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              Originally posted by Rocky View Post
              Congrats on the new bike. You know now,that the farkle faze starts to make it your own.

              Absolutely, already started!

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                Good for you Madrebel. My son just bought an S1000R. He loves it. I can't wait to try it out. That's a good looking bike. You'll have a lot of miles and smiles on that.

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                  sweet looking bike. congrats!

                  The GW old GWers wish Honda would make.

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                    Thanks! Gonna be a long three weeks!

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                      i know that feeling. same thing with my GW. a buddy had it in Texas for 3 weeks...telling me how great it was, lol

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                    Nice Looking ride Congrats to you and your new ride enjoy Ride a Lot Ride Safe.

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