Taka Recurve windshield.

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  • Taka Recurve windshield.

    Looking for first hand owner reviews for the TAKA ReCurve windshield. ("Long Rides Shields"-brand)

    Did you or your passenger notice less buffeting?

    Do you have an issue raising/lowering the shield due to its thickness?

    Do you think its easy to scratch/clean vs OEM shield?

    Having tried several brands of shields. (I change them every few years-I hate imperfections)

    Not interested in hearing about other brands-Just this one at the moment-Thank you!

    Lets hear your pros n cons on the Taka ReCurve.
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    It didn't help with my buffeting problem. Scratches easily. Does look good.
    Sorry I can't be more help. I rode with it for about 300 miles and ordered a Madstadt.

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      I just ordered one for the trike. I have had them on my Harley's in the past and really liked them. They helped with the buffeting and with a light tint helped with the sun glare. As far as scatching, I had my last LRS on the Heritage for over 3 years and it looked just as good when I traded the Heritage in for the GW. I'm hoping to get the same performance out of the Honda version as I out of the Harley versions. We'll See
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        I have one on my 2014 I have 15,000 on the shield and personally I like it. Buffeting is less on rider, passenger I cant answer I don't have a rider. You can run the shield about 2"ower lower than stock shield. Mine is totally scratch free after 15,000 but I clean carefully. I spray hydrogen peroxide on it to clean let soak for a minute melts bugs for easy clean I just wipe off with clean micro fiber, then I coat windshield with Pledge furniture polish. My windshield does look brand new after 15,000 miles of riding.

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          I had a Wing with a recurve windshield. It was an ok windshield. Less buffeting? Nope.

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            I have the Taka and like it fairly well. Went with the stock height version. It did reduce buffeting, especially on the passenger. In full low position it feels like the OEM Shield did about 4 clicks up. With it raised fully, the wife likes it, it is quieter, but I end up looking right through the recurve area, which is not optically clear. If I ever order another, I will probably go with a plus 2 size.

            Raising and lowering does take more effort. I ended up removing the OEM tape the the original shield slid against. The backer board that comes with the Taka makes things a tad tight. A liberal dose of silicone spray does help.

            It does scratch easily, far more than the original. I use Honda polish and micro fiber towels to clean it. I’ll use hot soapy water when washing the bike, but I’ll still go back over the shield with the polish when finished, to fill in scratches.

            I got about 7 years out of the original Honda Shield, but I don’t think the Taka is gonna live that long.
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