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  • Trip with a Harley rider

    So I just took a nice 1600 mile 5 day trip through the Black hills, my friend was riding a 3 year old $34,000 Harley Ultra. He used to be a Honda rider but now is a full fledged Harley sucker, can't even ride without all the Harley gear, shirts, boots, helmet, etc.
    Guess what? It broke down!!
    About an hour into day 3, a perfect riding day, we had to go to Rapid City Harley, (I felt sick being in there the entire time!)
    They said it was the water pump. He got a 2 year standard warranty on it so it wasn't even covered, cost him about $700.
    He was good enough to rent one from them for the day so we didn't have to sit and wait all day for it, that cost him another $220.
    I really like having a Goldwing and would never have a Harley! That think shakes so much I am afraid I'll get hit by a bolt flying off of it.
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