Dealer messed up a new wheel.

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  • Dealer messed up a new wheel.

    I was reading a story about a guy picking up a nail. at 7500 miles he opted for new sneakers front & rear.

    He is where the problem started.

    When complete, I noticed two big "gashes" in the rear wheel. These were not "scratches" but rather areas with missing metal. The service manager came out and inspected... and said "what can we do"... and I said "replace w/ a new rear wheel".
    A new wheel was ordered!

    What would you have done in this case??.

    I'll relay a story of mine about my local dealer (Later)

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    scratches, refinish it. gashes, replace it

    The GW old GWers wish Honda would make.

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      Dealer damaged, dealer replaces, only right thing to do.
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        Believe it or not a lot of guys won't push it. The local HD dealer ruined the front wheel on my nephew's Street Glide. He argued a little then gave up. I've always changed my own and I'm very careful. I always tape the wheel up also.

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          Just to be clear (I read the story as well), the dealer is replacing the wheel. I would expect the same myself. Your bike should be returned to you in the same condition you dropped it off on (except for any paid for repairs of course).

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          • Rocky
            Rocky commented
            Editing a comment

            My rule of thumb, (from experience)
            If to have the service writer mark down EVERY scratch they find.
            If there is one that isn't on there own list?
            That dealer is buying me a new part.

            Its really quite simple as they say "You broke it-You own it!"
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