2019 NAVI Garmin Map Update - Clock Error

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  • 2019 NAVI Garmin Map Update - Clock Error

    I recently purchased the Garmin 2019 NAVI upgrade from my 2015 GL1800.

    The maps updated correctly and the time is accurate but the default date is now Oct 1999.
    My NAVI turns to dark mode in the middle of the days since there are fewer lighted hours in October.

    Any suggestions?

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    The GPS needs to be on long enough to get a date update from the GPS constellation.

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      I have been running this new map update for over three hours, do I need to wait longer or should I contact Garmin?

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        Main Menu - choose "Setup/Info"

        Setup/Info menu - choose "GPS Info"

        Does the constellation show 4 or more satellites? In my garage, I see 12.

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          I just checked and the unit shows 10-11 satellites outside. The date remains to be on Oct 18, 1999. It will not let me change the date and the unit is set to Automatically in the GPS setup. Should I remove the SD card and try to reinstall? I installed this unti on May 6th and have over 700 miles since updated. I was incorrect from my earlier posting

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            I just spoke with Garmin and they have issued an engineering ticket as a few complaints on this matter have been filed.

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              Do any of you know how Garmin is coming along with this fix? My bike is disarmed thing. Do you think we will receive an update letter or new SD card from them? When I purchased mine I had to call several times for delivery and was told engineers were still working on it

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