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    I came across a YouTube channel recently from a motovlogger who is traveling solo through Asia and the Middle East. What is amazing is this is a 31 year old Dutch lady who bought a Royal Enfield Himalayan in Delhi, India then started riding east through Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Oman, Iran and she is still on the road!

    The videos are short, and not super-professional, but I find that kind of appealing in a way. She is the REAL DEAL. Forget Iron Butt, try going 10 hours a day on a Royal Enfield, some of it off road!

    This lady is fearless and if you watch a few episodes, it gets addictive. Check it out:

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    Thanks for posting. Pretty damn impressive.
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      I love her and have watched all her videos so far. Another similar one is a girl From Australia on a BMW doing pretty much the same thing, her channel is called Onherbike. I'd be afraid to go some places they go by themselves.

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      • Cruiseman
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        I have seen a couple of OnHerBike videos too.

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      Good Stuff! Thanks

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        Thanks Chris. And she’s pretty dang cute too. I’ll never complain about bad roads, or traffic, or mud, or rain, or pedestrians, or...elephants in the road again.

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          You are right....I'm addicted! She is quite the intrepid traveler. Several of the commenters want to marry her.

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          • kwthom
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            Thirty-odd years ago, you might have been in that line, too!
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