Techknology-Can't Wipe your Arse with it!!.

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  • Techknology-Can't Wipe your Arse with it!!.

    Don't annoy Mommy. (They are Crafty)

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    You may not like the truth but that don't change it!

    When Life hands you a Curve - Lean into it!!.

    Maker of the 01-17 GL1800
    "Rocky Tree & Comfort Risers".

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    Now that tickled my funny bone!

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      Nice way to go try and wipe with that, tech is only good if your a tech head way to stick it to him.
      2010 Pearl Yellow L3, Double Darksider #856, Ultimate Midrider Seat w Yellow inlays, F4+4 Tinted, Live To Ride, Love my Wing

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        All I gotta say is I'm glad I wasn't drinking and watching that video

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          Thanks. I needed that laugh.

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            Good one...It ain't finished till the paper work is done.
            2007 GL1800 level1
            2015 Hannigan Trike n 2009 Tailwind

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