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  • Spotwalla Map Change

    Hate to point to another (non-competing) forum, but for those that may have noticed a recent map change to Spotwalla maps, here's the response from Jason:

    There's a bit of functionality that needs to be fixed up as well; a work-around is provided in that response.

    You can read the words directly from Jason here:

    There's also some conversation on the web forum for Spotwalla - in part:

    Originally posted by Jason
    There's no doubt that Google Maps has the most detail and advanced functionality. Should we ever get to the point where we have to start charging for SpotWalla, allowing users to choose their desired mapping flavor is a distinct possibility. Until then, we're going to strive to keep things free and simple.
    Remember, you get what you pay for.
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    The actual URL embedded in your st-owners link is missing the colon after the https

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    • kwthom
      kwthom commented
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      Just checked that link; looked okay, but I saved it again - thanx!

    • Littljoe
      Littljoe commented
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      It has 2 https at begining

    • trewm
      trewm commented
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      It's working now. Thanks!
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