More than ten points - using Google Maps??

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  • More than ten points - using Google Maps??

    Stolen from another forum...but thought worthy of bring here!

    First you start by typing out your route. Note the use of two-letter abbreviations for states... Addresses can be used as well, but you MUST be certain that the address can be found in Google Maps. For ease of illustration, I will not be using addresses here. Once you get this figured out, using addresses will not be that difficult.

    Seattle, WA to Boise, ID to Billings, MT to Bismarck, ND to Minneapolis, MN to Chicago, IL to Dayton, OH to Kansas City, KS to Dallas, TX to Carlsbad, NM to Phoenix, AZ to Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV to Redmond, OR to Portland, OR to Seattle, WA

    Next, using the "Replace" function in your text editor, replace all instances of "space-to-space" with a slash:

    Seattle, WA/Boise, ID/Billings, MT/Bismarck, ND/Minneapolis, MN/Chicago, IL/Dayton, OH/Kansas City, KS/Dallas, TX/Carlsbad, NM/Phoenix, AZ/Las Vegas, NV/Reno, NV/Redmond, OR/Portland, OR/Seattle, WA

    Then replace all spaces with a + (plus) symbol:

    Seattle,+WA/Boise,+ID/Billings,+MT/Bismarck, ND/Minneapolis,+MN/Chicago,+IL/Dayton,+OH/Kansas+City,+KS/Dallas,+TX/Carlsbad,+NM/Phoenix,+AZ/Las+Vegas,+NV/Reno,+NV/Grants+Pass,+OR/Portland,+OR/Seattle,+WA

    When you are done with that, add to the front of everything: "",+WA (The forum displays a truncated version this link, but it really is all there)

    Copy/Paste this into the address bar of your browser and now you have a route.
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    That’s quite clever. I’ve never seen that method before. Always used the pc google maps, shaped to what I liked then, through GPS Visualizer and finally into the bike GPS. BUT visualizer went to fees for that service. Drat.

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      Gonna have to try that, Thanks for posting Ken!
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