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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    To all my Friends.
    We hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful meal, and the company of Family & friends on this great day.

    Were taking a bike ride tomorrow,while everyone is out at the malls.
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    Rocky, best wishes to you and hoping you, too are enjoying a nice Thanksgiving. I’m up here in snow country at 14 degrees. Hoping to get one more ride on the ‘Wing before putting it up for the winter.
    Ride safe

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      Happy Thanksgiving Rocky to you and your family.
      Today was a great day.
      Our family is coming for supper,so they will be here soon.
      Makes for a great evening.

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        Happy Thanksgiving! My brother and I are taking his Nomad and one of his Harley's out for a ride tomorrow for several hours to get some Sta-bil through the carbs before he parks them for the winter. Should be ~50 degrees, but I enjoy riding his Nomad so the temp will be fine. After that we have the big family meal. Woohoo!!
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          Happy Thanksgiving to you and Angela too! Enjoy your ride!

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            Ditto on what biglefti said..... had veal Marsala today with friends... tomorrow’s dinner traditional thanksgiving will be cooked and enjoyed ALONE with wife and dogs !!

            cant wait! The smell alone is intoxicating...

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              My wife had a small out-patient procedure on Wednesday...so a quiet Thanksgiving happened at my parent's place.

              Mom's birthday is today, so we'll take 'em out for lunch.

              ...and the bike's not moved in a week.
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                It was a quiet day for us, we had planned this for months. Some days as adults we have tasks that require attention that we would prefer to avoid. We brought a close to handling of our son's ashes. He loved Thanksgiving so we decided to spread the remainder of his ashes on his grand parents graves on Thanksgiving day.
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                • Rocky
                  Rocky commented
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                  Tony. I feel your family's pain at the loss of your Son.
                  Its been 12 years and I can't let go yet.
                  My Thoughts and Prayers to your family.
                  He's never gone while you keep him alive in your hearts!! Blessings to you.

                • clayusmcret
                  clayusmcret commented
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                  One of my sons has a horribly bad heart and every time the phone rings from him or his wife...... Dreading the day we find ourselves in your position. Our heart goes out for you and your wife.

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                Happy belated Thanksgiving.
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