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  • Free SiriusXM Radio!

    There's a free SXM preview from Nov 15 until Nov 26.

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    Where did I put that throw away CC again?

    Dam. they won't let me sign up with my wally world CC

    Back to the Ipod Batman!
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    • glarson3
      glarson3 commented
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      I think this is their free week or two to try to get you hooked. I don't think you'll need a credit card to get the free SXM. But if you want to sign up on a special offer you better set up reminders to cancel before they auto-renew at five times the price. I will occasionally sign up for the 3 months for $20, but I set up a million reminders to make sure I request they turn it off before it renews. Otherwise I 'lose' the credit card I used to sign up, and get a replacement.

    • kwthom
      kwthom commented
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      Yup. They do the free week two or three times per year. I've also heard free SXM during the holiday season as well; hoping for that, since I have a road trip to go on at that time.
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