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    Originally posted by Lewtrain View Post
    No one has mentioned the accuracy/usefulness of the Wing's own TPMS. Why would I need these (As loved by all of you as they are) if I have the on board TPMS? I like the Bluetooth feature set, but not sold that this is worth 100 bucks. Sell me.
    If you have an onboard TPMS, you wouldn't. I'm a longtime FOBO user precisely because I don't have TPMS integrated into the bike.
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      The on-board TPMS simply is an idiot light, and does not show which tire is low and by how much.

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        In addition, when the battery in the sensor fails, it requires a removal of the tire in order to access the sensor. Batteries in the OEM sensor aren't exactly user-replaceable.
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