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    This is not an oil thread, just a notification to you all who might use Mobil oil of a decent deal I found online. I follow the lead of Fred H., from the other place, who uses Mobil 1 15W/50 synthetic in his Wing. Yesterday I bought two five quart jugs of the stuff at Wally World for $22.66 each and then downloaded a $12 per jug mail-in-rebate (limit 2). Brings the price down to 10.66 for 5 quarts. I paid $7.50 per qt. on my last oil change. Other flavors of Mobil are also available for rebate. I don't mind the hassle of rebates, and measuring out quarts from a jug if I can save some real money for fuel and DQ! If you are like me and find this is a good deal, go to and enter "Mobil" in the search box. Then just follow the directions listed. Hope this helps someone else...

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    Since you brought up Mobil Oil special, thought I'd throw this one out there.

    I heard on the radio that NAPA is offering Mobil 1 Synthetic oil for $5.99 a quart in September. The radio ad didn't specify "automobile", but I know that other stores have given folks a problem when they try to use similar ads to buy the Mobile 1 Motorcycle Racing 4T oil. I haven't gone to my local NAPA store yet, but I plan on doing so next week. Will let you know the results.

    FWIW, their web site also shows the ad:

    Click image for larger version

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