the 2015 40th Anniversary Goldwing is here

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  • the 2015 40th Anniversary Goldwing is here

    '12 GL1800 Level 4 & '08 FLHX Darksider #1378

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    The only improvements seem to be ride quality and wind protection. It seems they are offering only three colors. I wonder if the stumble is fixed.

    I'll be keeping my 08.
    2008 GL1800 Titanium (cleanest color)
    2012 750 Shadow Aero (My scooter)

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      It comes in 3 Colors only change (to me) is 40 Key & Badge on the seat - To those that buy it-New is always nicer
      Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, never paid for a divorce

      IBA # 40576

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        I like the candy red, I guess we will never see a "new" Goldwing.

        LOVE the blacked out wheels and pipes! I might buy one just for that.
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          Well.... I like the anniversary paint. At least on the web, the look pf the paint and colors in the sun will be the real test.
          Of all, not much really new or exciting.

          BTW we keep hearing how made in Japan means use as little chrome as possible, ie very tough environmental regulations. The difference in the application of Chrome between the 2015 Anniversary GW and 2015 CVO HD couldn't be more obvious.

          2010 GL1800ADA (CDN eh!)
          DS 1126
          15 Tiger 800 XCX
          14 WR250R
          95 FLSTC Sold to a nice family.

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            Wow, Airbag model MSRP is 30,599.00
            2013 Red Airbag 1800

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              I'm not seeing much change. As a Goldwing newbie that may be a good thing. I will now have another year to ride my 05 and decide if it's a keeper or if it's just the next step to a 16.
              I think ABS and a 6 speed should be standard on every model.


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                I like the color scheme, but I guess I'll never get used to the new style saddle bags. I just do not like the looks of them.

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                  Wow. way o go Honda.
                  As a Protologist would say "Good move Bowels"

                  Letter to Honda:
                  Make your customers do your advertising for you. (I removed all Honda badging from my bike-I did forget the goldwing on the side covers when I repainted it-****es me off-lol)
                  You pay me-I'll advertise your antiques for you!!

                  It's not bad enough back in the day when you offered 5 colors. now you have the nerve to chop that number down to 3 choices.. Nothing like "This is all you get-take it or leave it"
                  You have hundreds of colors that Honda owns for cars-why not offer your customers more choices? I'm sure customers would wait it they could pick their own color and build items they want or don't want.

                  What is so special on your new 2015?
                  1. New wind protection Ooowwww What did you do put a curve on the clear rain diverters that don't work or the shelter lip?

                  2. New suspension??. The bike has been built for 14 years now (no 11's) What the heck took you so long to get rid of this antique suspension?? Let me guess you changed the spring rate.
                  Well that's it my old pig is up for sale..

                  Look Honda let me tell you something. when you can create a new version of the Goldwing- Say a GL2000 that doesn't need any suspension updates by aftermarket products (They do listen to their customers by the way)

                  A wider spectrum of color choices (We all know you have a vast inventory of colors available)
                  ABS on every level. (Not sticking it to us for $4,000 to get ABS.
                  Figure out how to put a NAV system that in today's world actually does something instead of annoying people who know what a NAV unit is supposed to do.
                  Kick you engineer out on his arse for telling Corporate that the current ECM that allows the bike to stumble is the Norm in this bike.
                  Get rid of them gay saddlebags and come up with a Mans looking bike. (sorry I can't stand the look of them bags)
                  Go back to the hydraulic valve train instead of solid lifters . How about roller rockers and a sportier cam-I know this engine can handle it.

                  Until you start listening to your customers at these so called "Customer input round tables you hold" Then and only then will I even consider trading my perfectly fine 2004 in for a newer model that actually has something to offer than Advertising 40 years old school thinking with a free stumble tossed in.

                  So tell me again why I should be buying one of your products again??.

                  Honda baby. if something happened to my loyal steed today. I'd go find a 06-10 only because it doesn't have them hideous bags on it. Come up with what your customers want and then give me a call and I might listen to you. until then.

                  This is what a two-toned bike is supposed to resemble.--Eat your heart out!

                  Here's my advice to you Honda:
                  Fire them dolts in the engineer/paint/ECM department and start from scratch with some fresh new ideas from someone who isn't brain dead.

                  LISTEN to your customers. they are the ones buying the bikes you build!!

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                    Originally posted by Cruiseman View Post
                    I like the candy red,.
                    Of course it would be the only choice.

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                      Well the only comment I can make is a bit narcissistic.

                      I really believed when I purchased my '12 that a redesigned wing would appear in '13 and my '12 would depreciate considerably. So far, my bike will have a decent resale value because they haven't changed a thing........I am very pleased with my '12, especially after reworking the front end. I am really not in the market for a new bike anyway......... This bike still fits the bill for my touring needs. No buyers remorse.

                      I don't think we'll ever see a newly designed wing. The handwriting is on the wall.
                      '12 GL1800 Level 4 & '08 FLHX Darksider #1378

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                        I still like to have some chrome on my bikes. I like the silver stripe along the bags though.
                        Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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                          I am not looking to buy a 2015...but...I am kind of disappointed...I thought they would do something for the 40th...Maybe they used clear coat over the paint??

                          Hope the battery has the Honda logo on it :p

                          John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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                            Originally posted by JGDJR View Post
                            I am not looking to buy a 2015...but...I am kind of disappointed...I thought they would do something for the 40th...Maybe they used clear coat over the paint??

                            Hope the battery has the Honda logo on it :p

                            John. ROTFLMAO..your killing me.

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                              What a Joke thats the best mother honda can due. I am happy with my 2010 i will be doing some shopping for my 2nd bike hello Indian at lease there creative even Harley Davison is offering more.
                              2018 DCT non tour, Pearl Stallion Brown, Double Darksider #856, Live To Ride, Love my Wing, IBA Member# 63744 Yellowbird Alias Coppertone

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                                Whew, with what I have invested in the 2008 trike mama wouldn't even consider letting me get a new one and starting all over again. With no significant changes I don't feel the need (although I do like the black and red). Wonder what it would cost to powder coat and repaint mine.......

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                                  Well, I'm disappointed, but I have to say, I wouldn't have been buying a new one this year anyway; so this just means mine holds it's value a little better, and a little longer.
                                  2012 Honda Goldwing | 2009 Timeout Camper

                                  Patriot Guard Rider since 2007 | IBA member #59823

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                                    I love the new red/black color.
                                    2013 Black F6B

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                                      disappointing. Do we start talking about the 2016 model yet?

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                                        Originally posted by Rocky View Post
                                        Wow. ...

                                        Sorry Rocky, without a nice tinted windbender leading your ride, it looks just like congress... too much white!! LOL!!

                                        I would tell you what I really think, but I hope to be driving by next week on my way to Mexico, and who knows, I might break something

                                        2010 GL1800ADA (CDN eh!)
                                        DS 1126
                                        15 Tiger 800 XCX
                                        14 WR250R
                                        95 FLSTC Sold to a nice family.

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