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    My last motorcycle was the awesome M109R Suzuki Boulevard, It was an 07 the metallic red which was what sold me the bike along with its very nice lines. You didn't twist the throttle on that bike without a plan. But until I traded it for an F6B I didn't realize how bad the bike actually was. Oh yeah it handled quite well. But there was absolutely no creature comforts what so ever. No cruise, no self cancelling turn signals, no heated grips, no center stand and not an ounce of storage space anywhere. It was a short distance bike as you would never want to put 6 0r 7 hundred miles on it in one sitting. I did add a windshield to it but even with that when you put in a 300 mile day with the wind hitting you it just beat you to death from the pounding you received. It was a kick for short runs and would have made a good second bike but after the 8 and a half years I had it it was time to let it go and I haven't been sorry I did. The new bike is the total package I was looking for.
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    I figure this past motorcycle thread would spur a few to talk about their old rides but again I was wrong!
    Life is hard, its harder when your stupid

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      I have been Riding GL1800's since 2002 and have owned a VTX1300 since 2004. The Wing has low mileage of 120,000+ and the VTX is pushing 40,000. But my favorite is the 81 CBX which is also pushing 40,000miles. The last bike before that was bought in 1993 and was a Yamaha Venture.

      I have never owned a bad bike and have been through a lot of them from 1966 till now. Hopefully though the Wing, VTX, and the CBX will be the last bikes I ever buy.
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        Nice Harvey, I see you haven't left them standing in the garage without taking them out and putting some miles on them which is a good thing. I see these guys selling their bike they have had for 5 or 6 years and they have 2 thousand miles on them. They might as well of put them in the yard and plant some flower on them for yard art. Just blows me away how you could have a bike that long and put no miles on it.
        Life is hard, its harder when your stupid

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          You wanted a list seadog? Here ya go!

          I'm 72 and have been riding since I was 14 with some time off from 1970 - 1987 to raise a family.
          Here's my list:
          1)1947 Cushman box type scooter
          2)1959 Cushman Eagle(new)
          3)1966 Suzuki X-6 Hustler(new)
          4)1966 BSA Lightning(new)
          5)1967 BSA Lightning
          6)1969 Honda 450 Street Scrambler
          7)1986 Yamaha 700 Maxim X(new)
          8)1988 BMW K75 S
          9)2000? Yamaha XS 1100
          10)1998 Honda Valkyrie Standard(new)
          11)2008 Suzuki 650 V-Strom(new)
          12)2013 Honda F6B(new)

          My favorite of the bunch was that BMW K75 S.

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          • seadog
            seadog commented
            Editing a comment
            Now that's the kind of list I was thinking would show up when I posted this thread
            I haven't had that many motorcycles but I started on a 125 Honda dirt bike and then had 2- 250 Honda dirt bikes, One crazy Ossa 250 phantom, a 1974 Honda 750, a 1980 750 Honda, my 2007 M109R Suzuki Boulevard, and now the best of the best the 2015 Honda F6B Deluxe. All those bikes were great motorcycles at the time I had them

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          1) Yamaha GT80
          2) 1989 Ninja 250
          3) 1986 GSXR 750
          4) 2003 Suzuki Bandit 1200
          5) 1999 Honda VTR1000
          6) 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250
          7) 1999 Yamaha Vmax
          8) 2014 Yamaha FZ-09
          9) 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250
          10) 2013 FB6

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            1983 Honda CX 500 Custom
            2003 Honda 919
            2003 Honda VFR
            2011 Triumph Tiger 800
            2013 Victory CC
            2019 Goldwing

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              1) 1965 - Suzuki 50
              2) 1966 - Suzuki X6 Hustler
              3) 1967 - BSA 441 Victor
              4) 1972 - 1965 Montesa
              5) 1972 - 1968 Bultaco Matador
              6) 1976 - Honda 500 twin
              7) 2008 - 2005 Harley sportster 1200
              8) 2009 - Harley Heritage
              9) 2015 - 1988 Harley sportster 883 (Still have it)
              10) 2016 - 1992 Harley Dyna FXDC
              11) 2019 - 2003 GL1800 with CSC Cobra Trike kit (Current ride)
              2003 Red GL1800 with CSC Cobra Trike kit. Hwy pegs,
              1988 883 Sportster with Hypercharger, drag pipes, Custom seat, drag bars. USN Retired

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