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  • Windshield offer....................

    For all you me...that own an F6B, if any of you are interested in trying out a different windshield than the one you have, I have two aftermarket windshields that I am willing to send to you.....the only cost being the that you can try these out. I am willing to give them to you, for free...except for the cost of shipping.

    I have a Clearview dark tinted shield, that is wider than normal. The Clearview has the flip towards the top of the windshield, to help direct wind and other FOD over the top, and over the helmet of the rider. This one is wider than keep that in mind. I have already drilled three holes that are higher than the original the windshield can be installed at one of two available heights.

    The second windshield is a Tulsa Sport windshield, about 4 inches taller than a standard Tulsa Sport. It is also tinted, but not very dark.

    I have run both of these on my F6B, like both of them, but I am currently using the Klock Werks windshield, which was given to me for free at this years Wing Ding.

    If you are interested in either of these windshields, go to the Clearview website, and/or the Tulsa windshield website, look at the windshields, to me.

    I would rather share these windshields, than to keep them stored in my shop.
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