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    Looking for a set of F6B stock rims. Buy out right or trade my stock wings for yours???

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    Yo...are you plumsilly....too? Because you can take your stock GL1800 rims and have them powder-coated a high gloss 90 % black, for about $ 50.00 per wheel, and end up with better wheels than the stock F6B wheels. I know, as I own an F6B, and other than the black anodizing on them, they are still a rough surface wheel just like the stock Wing wheels are.

    On all of my previous GL1800 Wings...I have always had the wheels powder-coated high gloss 90 % black...and they always coast me $ 50.00 per wheel to do. They are easier to clean up...make the bike look better...like it was a ST-1800...instead of a GL-1800.

    Think about having your wheels powder-coated.

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      Where didn you get them powder coated????

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        Curious about that too for my 1500. Brake dust sure does get them nasty quick!

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          Originally posted by plumsilly2 View Post
          Where didn you get them powder coated????

          I have a local powder-coating company that does them for that price. I bring them the naked wheel....no wheel bearings, no rotors, etc, and they do an excellent job of powder-coating them. There are dozens of colors to choose from...or...colours if you are Canadian, eh....so you can have them coated a wide variety of colors. I always choose the 90% high gloss black, as I loved the look of the black wheel on the older STs. My first 3 GL1800 Wings were all Titanium paint, so the high gloss black wheels looked good on them.

          The OEM wheels on the F6B still have that course surface on them, so....to avoid having ugly wheels (and I am NOT into washing my bike, or keeping it pretty), I decided to have them powder-coated, and it makes a big difference.

          In your area, their must me someplace that does powder-coating. The turn-around time is ually two days, so there is no waiting one or two weeks for these to be done.

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            I have powder coated the rims and valve covers on the lat three Goldwings I've owned. I did mine in a semigloss black and really like the look. If done right, the finish is nearly indestructible, and easy to clean.

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              Hmmmmm, so since the back wheel has no bearings or rotor mounted it's just the front one to play with. Gloss black might look better than the rough flat black wheels on my
              black on black '14

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