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  • Fall Ride 2015 BRP

    Our 2015 Fall ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway


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    OK I am awake, being down under here in New Zealand .
    Man I have to say
    Thank You Sir
    for taking the time to record your trip and post that video,
    I watched it and thought that's on my list pending the lottery.

    I do have a question, just what are those red machines at 0.35?

    btw that corner at 5-13 is typical of the local roads around here - no interstate - you got 'a ride it! - almost all of it.


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      Those are the Polaris Slingshots, thanks for watching.

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        Thanks for the video.

        The Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive are beautiful rides for motorcyclists. I rode the entire route from south to north in September 2014.
        Harvey Barlow
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          Wow Just watched this on the other forum...still a good video...

          John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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            Thanks for posting your video. I enjoyed watching it.
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              Originally posted by srinehart View Post
              Our 2015 Fall ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway

              Thank you for posting the ride. It reminded me of mine. It took me two different years with different riders to ride from the southern entrance into Virginia, time was always a limiting factor. You went during a prettier time of the year for the colors, we went in the summer.

              I've yet to find anything that can match the majestic grandeur, beauty, and length of the Blue Ridge Pkwy in my travels.

              Brought back memories of places and the people we met along the route.

              Thanks again.
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