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  • A suggestion

    I know you're just starting out, I know you're still small. But when the word spreads it will probably grow by leaps and bounds.

    Instead of just 1 Admin and 1 or 2 Mods, you might think about a Mod for each Forum that only has power in their own Forum. Then possibly a Super Mod or 2 that over sees all the Forums.
    This will give you a committee basically where you can have discussions about the really pressing matters, helps bring in cooler heads before the Ban Hammer is dropped and such. It will help to displace the thought that someone is a pet of someone and therefor protected from discipline.

    Just a thought, plus it takes the work load off the 1 or 2 people that I have seen used elsewhere.

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    Great idea. Multiple moderators is something we are planning for the future. And, I like the idea of each forum having its own moderator.

    Protector of the realm.

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      I agree. Many hands make lite work. So long as you have an über admin to over see....

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