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    I have a suggested product for our sponsors. Don't know if any of you are interested in looking into, but thought I'd throw it out there.

    I have a cheap video camera I typically keep mounted on my bike. I bought it so if someone runs a light or stop sign, intrudes into my lane, etc.; I have a recording of it so no one can later say "He swerved into me" or "the light was still green when I went through".

    There are a few problems with the one I use though - it's not 100% water resistant (hasn't done too bad on this), it's only forward facing, and the software only reads out in kilometers, and it's not a very high quality unit. I had to have a mount made for it, and eventually the plastic piece that attached to the mount broke (it's not very stout, and I'll fix that, but haven't done so yet). It does have a GPS built in, comes on automatically when I turn on the key, and new recordings over write the old ones.

    However, I want more. I want something looks to the rear as well (two camera system), has a sensor that detects an impact (to lock the video recording), and preferably has software that has the option to display in miles. I found something close a few months back (I don't know if it displays in miles), but don't know for sure if it's available even from the export company. It would really be great if a state-side dealer started handling them.

    This is the device:

    Here is a write up with some good photos. not a terrible idea (and you can record rides etc with it as well). it records in a 8hr loop when the bike is on, forward and backward facing camera, gps, accelerometer, mic, etc.

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