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  • Darkside Forum?

    Any plans to create a darkside forum? Or, is it going to be OK to discuss Car Tires on the general board. You know how heated these discussions can be.... Thanks for the cool board!

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    You are welcome to talk car tires in the General Discussion board, as long as it is motorcycle-related. But, there is a Group for the Darksiders:

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      The "Darkside Group" where it resides today is inconvenient and difficult to find. Access to that portion of the message board is also slow. Any chance of getting a DS section on the "Main" Forum portion of the board?
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        Cruiseman, thanks for the link. I really did look for it before asking, I gotta agree with Travelinlite. Having us on the Main forum would be great! You have followed the DS'ers and they are perhaps the best behaved group. It isn't 1980 anymore, so it isn't like darksiders are something new and threatening. Having us at a easy to access location could potentially lure 1600 of us. Thanks again for everything.

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          Thanks for the new link! Upper right corner.

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            Originally posted by OhioWinger View Post
            Thanks for the new link! Upper right corner.

            Thanks a million, very cool having quick access.
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