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  • Leave the Off-Topic Discussion Forum Unchanged

    You can vote for this option here. Sorry I did not include this in the original poll.
    Leave it alone. No changes
    Make the changes according to my vote on the other Poll
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    Since this is now an option I personally think this is the best thing to do and let everyone be adults with it.
    Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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      I wouldn't have voted for another option if I didn't have the mettle to stand by my previous decision.
      2008 Red GW1800 -- NRA Life Member - American Legion PUFL, American Legion Riders
      USMC 21 YRS/9 MO and when dead, a dead Marine.
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        Leave it alone. I like to make my own decision on what to read and/or comment on. Most of the time the I get a kick out of what goes on here.
        Thanks for giving us a chance to vote on it!
        2012 Goldwing CSC Viper Trike
        Retired MSF Instructor

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          Chris, as said, I appreciate your efforts to offer up choices, yet as you can see, we "Wingers" are like trying to round up a herd of cats. For me, my "needs" were met when you opened the door to this place, which I greatly appreciate your taking the time to make sure they were ADA compliant and thus wide enough for me to get my chair in. It's clear, to me anyway, that today's Winger likes to have a "one stop shopping" experience where they can go to learn, share, and gripe all at the same time. I think you have done well to provide for that. What seems to be working is how things are handled with those that have set up accounts only to try and bring their "forum" of moderation over here. Much has already been said about the downfall of their actions else where.

          I just checked my drivers license (good thing cause I see it expires next year), and it appears I am of legal age to make decisions that best meets my needs. As such, I seem to be able to work within the criteria you have set up here (their is a sign on the door letting everyone know what the rules are) without the need to "ignore" anyone. I enjoy dialing in and catching up on some "hot topics" and can take the information presented and formulate my own opinions about that which has been presented. If I want to read more about the subject, I might follow a link if one is provided, or as a friend of mine is known to say "GOOGLE IT," LOL. If I have something to say/share, well, I do.

          For those of us who closely followed the OTE and the "BOX" when it was there, we know what the drill is for some. Actually I have enjoyed figuring out who some of the "new/old guys" are.

          At the end of the day, I remain appreciative of your efforts. My only request remains the same. If and when you expand the "realm" you make sure to drug test any and all candidates so as to avoid the "mess" that others have created. I should point out, however, that should you decide to sell this site to Vertical S......... you will be hunted down and spoon feed samples from Africa's new "take out." Just say'n Aside from that, I believe it might be worthy of a "Carry On" to you Sir.

          __________________________________________________ __________

          Why sweat the leg thing when I can still ride a Goldwing
          Member of the Hann-Amigo Trio

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          • micky
            micky commented
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            I had one ,but the wheels fell off LOL

          • Wheels
            Wheels commented
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            Buckley's Tavern, great hamburgers.

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          Some of the proposed changes seemed logical, but really, I am fine with it the way it is.

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            Very well said "Wheels", totally agree....

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              Sorry to open a can of worms with my initial suggestion.

              My goal was to have actual MC & GW owners/riders participate and not the 'trolls' who surf between forums to posts their diatribe and disrupt the forum. I don't mind a difference of opinion and actually enjoy respectful and rational debate; but with GW owners who also participate in the other areas of this forum.

              My suggestion was also for the consideration of the moderators, whose job is to monitor the forum. I can for see a time when this forum has many thousands of members and the OTDF can get quite busy. If several 'trolls' get in there the moderators can spend a lot of their time monitoring the discussions. It could become a full time job if it gets bad.

              My original suggestion was just a suggestion to at least have some type of entrance requirement to keep 'trolls' away and to hopefully make the moderators job easier.

              At least it got a discussion going...
              2006 Titanium Level 3 'Wing with a few 'farkles. From Mesa, Az.
              My avatar is me from a recent summer ride in the Phoenix Az area:"Its a dry heat"

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                I want to echo my friend "WHEELS" above post 100% altho I will bet even his drivers license has food scraps on it......having said that
                please keep- doing what you are doing here, I belive that we are adult enough to handle any problems in said board.
                Jack & Jolene on a GL1800/Champion Trike out of Silver Springs, FL.

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