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    Curious, what does this mean "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page"? Was reading the "GROUPS"
    page and this was at the bottom...could not post on that page either...Is this something to do with "contributor" or otherwise?

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    Not sure why you would be unauthorized to view a groups page, but you do need to "sign up" as a member of the group in order to post there.
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      You have to first become a member of that particular group.

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        You have to "Login" for the day

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          Originally posted by zzcop8 View Post
          You have to "Login" for the day

          Why? Don't have to on any other sites I'm on....
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          • wingleader09
            wingleader09 commented
            Editing a comment
            As long as you click the "Remember Me" box when you are logging in and you have cookies enabled on your web browser, you should be good to go.

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          Any Sub Forum on this site you have to "JOIN" -REASON -no other site is using this Version of Software - If you land on a post and it says NOT Auth - Go to the sub fourm main page and hit "JOIN" button - Problem solved
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            Thanks for the tip I was wondering as well...

            John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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              I just had the same problem and had to log in again. Now it works
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                I think you fellows have hit upon something...don't believe I was signed in at the time...appears that makes a difference. Thanks.

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                Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page

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