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  • Maintenence forum?

    was wondering what the thoughts were on a Maintenance forum or was that the plan for the "Modification forum?"were one can keep a record of dates mileage of oil changes ,things done like bling bling added and any maintenance workdone, they have it at the other gl place but will be deleting my profile there and will have to move all those maintenece posts iether directly to my computer or here if available

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    I just use a spreadsheet. One page is my fuel log and another is my maintenance log. I keep everything in order by odometer reading and use the search function to find stuff like "front tire", etc. On one hand, I don't have to come to the forum to see it. On the other hand, if I don't have my laptop with me, I can't see it (I guess I could put it on a cloud drive...). I can send you a copy if you'd like to try it.
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      I do have a spreadsheet for this,my thinking is if I ever sell the wing get a newer one... all the addons and Maintenance done will be available on a site so the prospective buyer can check it out with some legitimacy to what is there jeasy to send them them a link ,thanks for the offer

      I have the Garmin 660 will have to check it out if mine has the same feature
      as for an app on my cell phone am going to do the same thing ..always have the phone ..keep loosing the darn pencil

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    I use an app on my phone. I also track fuel refills so I can see how my mileage performance is each time I fill up if I want to dig that deep into it. By using it when I fill up it sends me alerts when I get close to the time for other maintenance, its nowhere near perfect, but since its all in one place I can keep an eye on it and attempt to stay on top of routine maintenance.
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      My Garmin 590 has a built in function to keep tabs on all maintenance dates and times,/ miles

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        I always use an Excel spreadsheet. Honestly, a forum is not the best place to keep track of maintenance. Party, just for the reason you mentioned that now you have to move your data to another forum.

        I may post a sample Excel file later that you are welcome to use.
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          great i need to keep better track of what i do to the ace.

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