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  • A new problem appears today

    On some posts, if I try to reply, a box pops up that has a header that says "Edit Conversation" and below it is a red triangle with an exclamation point followed by "Empty Response and then an OK button. I click the OK and the box goes away but my reply does not post.

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    I was going to ask this same question. I did a screen shot when you put the curser over the thread topic, you get server error.
    This poor fellow introduced himself and has no responses, glad it's not just me. I tried to welcome him.

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      I have the same problem trying to reply to that member's post. I have sent screen shots to vBulletin support. Very strange.
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        I was getting the same thing (pop up screen) to a guys thread who added Blue LED's to his dash buttons. yet I was able to post to other threads?.
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          Originally posted by Rocky View Post
          I was getting the same thing (pop up screen) to a guys thread who added Blue LED's to his dash buttons. yet I was able to post to other threads?.
          That was the same thread that it first happened to me. There have been several others since.

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            I just noticed another thing regarding this issue. It seem like all of the threads that I have this problem with have uploaded pictures in their first post. I don't know it this is relevant but it is one thing that they all seem to have in common.

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              Here are some of the threads that gave me the error. I hope this helps you troubleshoot the problem.





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                I get the same thing on the dash lights and Solidbob's post! If you run your cursor over the thread before opening up, it states " Server Error"
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                  The problem seems to have been resolved.

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