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    I have the 2018+ Honda Goldwing service manual and it doesn't have information as to HOW to remove the headlight socket connector. It's easily accessible from the topside looking down from the handlebars. I can see tab(s) on the socket. I've pressed, pulled on the tab AND also pulled on the socket itself; but not too much force as I don't won't to break headlight connector. So, does anyone here know how to remove the headlight connector without breaking anything? I'd like to install a "pathBlazer" headlight modulator from wingstuff.com. I'm about finished installing the GT Tour Lights next to the factory fog lights. Next, I hope, will be the Pathfinder multi-function brake/running light. Thank you for your feedback, Anyone AND Everyone! dan in sonora, california 95370

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    Here is the KIsan instructions. http://wingstuff.com/system/uploads/...pdf?1554307558
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      One end of the wiring on the modulator will have the same connector as the one you are trying to remove (as it plugs in where the headlight connector used to). I figured it out by examining that connector closely to see how to remove the matching one. A lot easier than trying to do it for the first time by reaching under the handlebars. I'd tell you exactly how to remove it but to be honest I don't remember

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