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  • Hwy 12 over Lolo Pass info

    This summer may not be the ideal summer for traveling over Lolo Pass. Here's an article from the Idaho Dept of Trans.

    "Here is a little bit of info on Highway 12 for this summer. Thought I would pass along to the group in case anyone was planning a ride to Montana using Highway 12.

    (U.S. Highway 12 along the Lochsa River will be an unpleasant route for motorists of all stripes this summer.
    Idaho Transportation Department officials announced Tuesday that the highway will see resurfacing and bridge replacement work costing $17 million this summer, and produce delays of two hours or more for motorists.

    "If you don't have to be there, maybe this isn't the summer to come see the Lochsa," said Megan Sausser, spokeswoman for ITD at Coeur d'Alene.

    The resurfacing work will occur on 50 miles of the highway known for its many curves and its stunning scenery along the rapid-strewn river. The highway is plagued by many potholes and other problems related to weather and wear and tear, according to the agency.

    Knife River Corp. will resurface a 27-mile section between Tumble Creek at milepost 113.7 and Saddle Camp Road at milepost 140.7, as well as a 23-mile section between the Warm Springs Pack Bridge at milepost 151.4 to the Idaho-Montana state line. The repaving will cost $13.3 million.)"
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    Disappointed because it's been about 15 yrs since I rode over Lolo Pass and had planned to go that route this summer. Oh well, plenty of other great roads to ride especially since I just moved up to Vancouver WA.
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      We were on it in 2016 on our way to WingDing (rode past your place) ...... then that road was patch on a patch on a patch and you really had to pay attention. But.....a must ride stretch of road. Put it on your list assuming it’s ready to go for 2019 with a fresh surface!

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        Sounds like you'll get to enjoy the scenery at all the stops.
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          Thank you for the heads up. Planning a trip to Washington this summer Lolo Pass was on the list of things to see. Olympic Peninsula will take its place.

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