Darkside Ride-in in Wise. VA, September 26, 27, 28, 2014

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  • Darkside Ride-in in Wise. VA, September 26, 27, 28, 2014

    I hope my buddy Wing Nut doesn't mind me posting this here.

    I am not involved with this event but am posting this information (which I copied off of another board).

    2014 Fall Darksider Ride In

    September 26, 27, 28
    Checking out Sunday morning the 28th

    If you want to check in earlier you can at the same rate just let them know it's for the Darksider ride-in
    We were able to get 20 rooms blocked out for this fall ride-in. Smoking rooms are available. All have fridges. Many will have microwaves. Host Motel is ready to accept reservations. Price is $69.99 before taxes. You must mention 'darksiders' to get this rate. They will honor this rate if you decide to check in earlier in the week, reserve before 9/11/14


    Located at:
    Best Western-Wise Va
    124 Woodland Drive SW
    Wise VA 24293

    There are a couple of restaurants next door. Reno's Steak House and a McDonalds. There a couple of others there also.

    Points of interest include:
    US 421 (Snake)
    Va Rt 16 (Back of the Dragon)
    Ky Rt 160 which crosses the highest point in Kentucky.
    Breaks Interstate Park (a great idea that a member sent me)
    Natural Tunnel

    This is a self guided Ride-In

    Adding a link for three routes that you can download to your GPS:


    When asked, save file to your computer. It is a self extracting file that will prompt to extract (decompress) 4 files called The Breaks Park.gpx, KY,VA,TN LOOP.gpx, hungry mother 7.19.13.gpx and KY,VA,TN Sightsee.gpx. Just browse to where the files need to be extracted to.

    We had a lot of requests to have it here again and there are so many nice roads. I hope to have a great turn out for this ride I should be there for Tuesday and have routes already loaded into my gps so if you want to follow your more thank welcome to come And I would like to Thank everyone for the help for putting in the time for this run
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    Lots of great riding in that area. Thanks for posting.

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      Heck no me mad never Just wish someday I will see you again at one of these we haven't talk in a while and it's nice to see you on again. Ohio you are right there are going to be a bunch of nice roads on here and I need to get the gps ready soon had a melt down on laptop finally got harddrive to function again and most of the rides where saved

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        Hi Joe. Good to see you on here.

        Here is the Darkside section on this board:
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          Richard, did ya notice the new DS forum link on the main forum?

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            Originally posted by OhioWinger View Post
            Richard, did ya notice the new DS forum link on the main forum?

            Yes Sir, I did. I am glad they put that there because the DS forum was a little difficult to find for new users.
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              You guys and gals have fun there in Wise.
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                The next time you guys put together a planned ride, PM me the dates and I will add it to the forum calendar.
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