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  • Annual Sargento Cheese Company Ride

    We had a great ride last Friday.
    It's a annual ride for employees that ride motorcycles and put on by Lou Gentine, CEO of Sargento Cheese company in Plymouth, Wisconsin.
    Lou has been a good friend of mine for 30 years and my wife works for Sargento Cheese.

    52 bikes turned out and 78 people (Riders and passengers).
    We made a big clock wise loop and ended up with 272 miles.
    Started the ride after breakfast (yum yum) at 9am at the HD dealer in Fond du Lac. Then headed out on all secondary roads. Our stop for lunch was nw of Green Bay at Doc's. We got to Doc's about 1:00. They had lunch set up for us in the Hog Barn(everything there is HD named).
    Beside these 2 stops, we had 2 stops for gas and potty breaks.
    From Doc'c, we took roads back to Plymouth, with riders breaking off as they got closer to their homes.
    We got home at 4:30.
    The ride was done on all secondary roads and some rustic roads the farther north we got.
    Part was on the northern route passed places that my pizza company serviced years ago. I hadn't been up there since I sold the business and retired in 2007. Kind of made me sad as the economy has some shut down.
    The day was a blast and we cann't wait for next years ride.
    T.A. Jens
    The Pizza Man
    1800 06 White Champion Trike
    2005 Bunkhouse Camper
    2006 Breeze Cargo Trailer
    GWRRA Life Member
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