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  • On the Road...Again

    Leaving the hosue in about 8 minutes, to ride from Western Washington (home of the Seattle Seahawks), and ride down to Tucson, AZ. for the start of the 39th annual Three Flags Classic Rally.

    My bike is packed...it's ready to go. Those who do not know me would advise that I do not take this ride, as physically I am in a bad situation with the pinched nerve at L-3, affecting my left leg. It is going to be a painful ride the entire 4400 miles roundtrip. But those that really do know me, know very well that this is a ride I must do, and they understand why I am doing this ride.
    Never before have I left for a ride in this physical & mental condition. I have to believe I know what I am doing, and that I can make this ride. Surgery on my L-3 Interverbial Foramin will be done in November, so I can only hope that will fix this pinched nerve.

    Everyone play nice while I am gone for the next 10 days, and have fun sharing..on this great new forum.

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    Best of Luck to you MMR...if you get a chance let us know where your at...and a few pictures would be nice...Be safe

    John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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      Have a great ride! You only live once although some day yea may get to come back again , sounds like your making the best of a painful situation Good luck to you

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        Have fun, MMR. I'm just a bit jealous of this ride. Maybe some day in the future I can do this one.

        God bless.

        Ride safely.


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          As an update, I am now in Carson City, Nevada. I rode 700 miles today, and it took me 10 hours and 10 minutes. The left leg is painful, so once I checked into my motel room, went and got a bite to eat, and fueled up the bike, I also bought a 7 lb. bag of ice, to ice down my left leg and knee. The issue is...for any of you in the medical field, is that with the L-3 nerve being pinched, my left leg feels like it is on fire...24/7. It never stops feeling that way. I am uzing Lidocaine patches on the knee, and IcyHot pat hes on my lower back.

          Tomorrow is only going to be 600 miles, as we stop in Blythe for the night. BUT...it is going to be VERY hot in lower Calif. tomorrow, so that will add to my pain.

          Such is life...eh ??

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            Hope you get feeling better. Maybe the ice will help some.
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              You are a tough rider to say the least, good luck on your adventure.
              Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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                Talk about a temperature swing..........Left Carson City this morning, at 5 am, and it was a comfortable 55 degrees. This is also where my riding partner met up with me, as he lives there. Soon the temps dropped down to a low of 37 degrees, at 6:30am, in Bridgeport, CA. Later in the day, we hit a high of 108 degrees, outside of Palm Springs.

                Folks, that is a temperature swing of 71 degrees. That is a lot.

                I am a cold weather rider.. Anything over 70 degrees is getting too warm for me. I hate the heat. Born above the 45th parallel, and choose to live above the 45th parallel. While I have lived in places like Florida, Texas, Tennessee, California, etc., I cannot stand the heat...even worse is the humidity.

                Took us 11 hours to ride the 600 miles today...due to temperature extremes, and taking our time.

                We leave Blythe at 2 am, when it should be down to......84 degrees, and have a short 300 mile ride to Tucson.

                Yo....you folks that choose to live south of the 45th parallel.....something is wrong with you (ha ha ha ha ha)

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                  Okay, the Beagle has landed..in Tucson. We left Blythe, CA. this morning at 1:45 am, and it was 88 degrees out. Yuck !!!!!
                  Did our 300 mile ride to Tucson, lows of 74 degrees, and highs of 92 degrees, and only one idiot cage driver that I had to fend off with my magic Harry Potter wand.
                  Pulled into the Doubletree Hotel at 6:00 am, already had a nice breakfast, and now we play the waiting game for our room to be ready. They will have one for us at 9:00 am...yippee.
                  The remaining 300 riders will stagger in during the next couple days, and when all 300 of us are here...then we leave and ride up to Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. (that is Canada, folks)

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