Kiwi's 1st ride for a while.

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  • Kiwi's 1st ride for a while.

    I had a opp, was put in plaster and now 3 weeks going commando.
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    I was surprised at the wasting of muscle tone and size and the almost nil move of my wrist when the plaster was removed.
    With better movement and my grip at 23 compared to 85 in my good hand I am going to try a ride this morning.
    Is my ulna stronger now its healed with the additional plate and 7 screws?

    Its 16C ( 60f ) overcast with chance of rain showers but I am looking forward to the ride.
    I most probably have gone if it was cooler and raining as its about 12 weeks since the opp.

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    What did you do to earn that scar? I like the camo cast

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      Originally posted by TrikeBiker View Post
      What did you do to earn that scar? I like the camo cast
      What did I do.
      Himm you could say its a long story about a quick decision.
      I took hold of a man desperately trying to end it all.
      I was successful and he was taken away for an assessment and a holiday.
      A few days later I started getting pain in both lower arms.
      Turns out you have some small bones in your wrist. I ripped and tore all the cartilage it is possible to rip.
      I had a wrist arthroscopy of both wrists.
      Then as all the bones had moved over due to the trimming it was decided I needed 5mm taken out of both ulnas.
      I have had my first one done and when it is strong enough they will do the other one.
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        I did a quick bike check, both tyres needed about 10psi of air, fluids lights all oak..
        I wheeled it out and it began to drizzle.
        I did notice I had to be very careful and hold the bars with both hands and couldn't wheel it from beside the bike. I managed to get it out without dropping it.

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        Then I went on and kitted up for a coolish ride.

        Then I remembered I needed to update the Rego. its a fee you have to pay here in N.Z. You can do it online.
        Well so I assumed. I went online and for whatever reason I could not complete the transaction.
        To be caught without it is to receive a instant $200 fine. Dammit, I am going anyway.
        It cleared up as I left and being a holiday weekend here there were all the road policing units deployed.
        I went for a RTE ride about 100k's from home.
        The wife flatly refused to accompany me, cant think why.

        I went through a very small town on the way, the Police had a checkpoint. Stopping all traffic both ways.
        I saw they were checking labels and using sniffers for alcohol. My label was expired.
        I waited only a short time and was signalled forward.
        I have a flip front helmet so I opened it and smiled.
        The officer smiled back and said we are doing vehicle and driver checks.
        The sniffer test was done and he did a quick 360 around the Wing.
        I noticed he did not crouch down a bit and look for the labels near the number plate.
        "nice bike.... have a great ride".
        Smiling even more I thanked him and wished him a great day as well. WHEW.
        I rode another 1/2 an hour to the Café that didn't disappoint.
        As I walked back to the Wing I was mobbed by some older blokes that got off a bus.
        There are not that many Wings here. They asked a lot of questions and shared some of their bike memories..
        Then as was kitting up. ouch. on goes the helmet.
        Another ouch as I got off the stand and lined it up.
        My arm was saying " WHO ARE YOU KIDDING BOYO".
        I had considered doing a 2 hr loop before returning past the café towards home.
        Finally I admitted to myself that I am not quite ready so I went home.
        The check point was gone in the town and they had gone mobile presenting performance awards to a few drivers on the way.

        All and all, a great ride, I will try again in a couple of weeks.
        Last edited by Kiwi; 06-01-2015, 01:19 PM.
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        • clayusmcret
          clayusmcret commented
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          Don't forget to update that registration. Once is an accident, twice is punishment deserved.

        • Kiwi
          Kiwi commented
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          It was not really an accident, I simply was unable to comply. I knowingly rode with the expired rego label. That said I would have smiled and taken the ticket with good grace from the Patrolman, who would have been quite right to issue a ticket.. And fought hard with a " attempted to comply " excuse at the requested hearing. Honest attempt . I did send them a e-mail regarding my attempt, they have recently " upgraded their online system". It simply has serious glitches. They said due to an unexpected demand they will attempt to reply within 3 days speaks volumes. I was not alone.

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        Wow, makes my hernia sound like a walk in the park! Glad you got to ride, but you may have to ease your way back into the 2-hour rides. Glad you are doing better!
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          Good on you for stepping in when you were needed....saving a man's life is worth it, hope you're better than new once healed. One of my places on my bucket list is New Zealand.....maybe someday

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            That hernia did not sound too good Cruise. Specially er ... that swelling.

            I have some new bits for my Triumph to keep me busy a while and will try the Wing again in 2 weeks.
            I couldn't thinking a quick shifter and a slipper clutch would be great right now.
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              Originally posted by Bank-Shot View Post
              One of my places on my bucket list is New Zealand.....maybe someday
              Please drop me a line if you do head south, there is much to see...
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                I'll do that....and thanks!

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